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2015 Pro Series Review

Towards the end of 2015 and into the start of 2016 Apex Racing UK had five drivers who attempted to gain their Pro licenses in the last ever official series to use the Williams FW31. Below is a summary on how the season went and what to look forward to when the WCS 2016 kicks off this coming weekend.

Peter Berryman

From the outside my championship went well, got my licence and had some good race results. But from my point of view this Pro series was a disaster. I made so many mistakes and got caught up with slower cars when trying to overtake. Several races I had the pace to win but things went wrong or I made a mistake which ruined my chance at winning the championship and is why I lost motivation to compete in the last few races.
On the bright side due to so many mistakes there were many lessons learned about myself and my driving which will help moving forward. The team worked very hard for this Pro series and all of our drivers achieved their licence which will make the World Championship very interesting and should be fun to see how we perform.

Oscar Mangan

I was happy with my result. I felt a Top 10 was possible but as it played out it didn’t work out that way, but I’m hoping to improve and get quicker in the new car. Some races went well, such as Interlagos or Montréal. Some didn’t like Watkins, but overall I really enjoyed the great racing and I’m hoping for more good results. The guys worked very hard for the well deserved results so I can’t wait to see how the team performs in the World Championship.

Cam Stark

Coming into the Pro Series I was looking forward to it, I just didn’t want to encounter any mishaps especially early on so my mindset all along was consistency is key. In the long run it payed off as I came out with 8th, but at round 1 I seemed to forget since I got a speeding in the pits penalty for my first pit stop of the season.  The tracks in between Brazil and Watkins Glen I knew weren’t my strongest or ones I particularly enjoyed so during the race, pacing myself not overdoing it and just playing it safe to get to the end was more or less my strategy.  I would’ve liked a few more top 10 positions than I achieved since I only managed 2 at Spa and Watkins Glen, but after the Monza fiasco I encountered you live and you learn, it was best to learn from the mistakes during the Pro series than make them during the World Championship! All in all for the whole team it was great to get all 5 of us promoted to the WCS along with Alex, Antoine and Seb to have an 8 strong team going forward with the MP4-30.


Maarten van Loozenoord

I was really looking forward to the season, did a lot of practice with the team and thought we would be going for top 15 somewhere. After our first 1-2 at Interlagos I knew that we were going for top 10 with the team!!  Every week we were practising constantly and  we made sure we were confident enough for the next race. After some spins (Silverstone) and DNF’s (Watkins glen, Montreal) I knew I was capable of  winning a race. I finally did at Monza!  After a tough race with the IRT guys I finally managed to pull a gap. Because of our stratagy I went 2 laps longer than the 4 cars behind me, which gave me a 8 second lead over the second placed car. In the end finishing with a 1-2 again with Graham felt just like the first race at Interlagos but a little better.  After all I think I could do better at some points but in my opinion the team couldn’t do any better! We did a great job as a team and I am really looking forward to
the WCS season!
Graham Carroll
Going into the Pro Series finishing outside the top 10 in season 1 to get my licence I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt really slow and there was so many quick guys but after joining Apex Racing UK just before the pro series started changed a lot!  Just getting my World Championship licence would have been great but to come out of round 1 with a win and a 1-2 for the team was awesome, so from there I knew I just had to finish all the races and be very consistent to stay near the top. From there myself and my team mates were very consistent getting a 1-2-3 on the grid at Suzuka showed how well the work we were putting in had payed off and getting another 1-2 for the team placed us very strong in the championship standings. From there it was a matter of making sure I finished every race, with no drop rounds left every point was crucial. In the end it came down the the last round battle with myself and Maarten which was great and ended up with a 7 point difference between us which was crazy but to get a 1-2 in the championship was just on another level. Getting all 5 team members a World Championship licence which makes 2016 a very exciting year for Apex Racing UK having 8 drivers working together on 1 goal will be great! I would just like to thank Alex again for spotting that made my job so much easier and all the sponsors, these results wouldn’t have been possible without them at all!
Congratulations to all involved on a very impressive campaign. We’re all looking forward to the WCS kicking off and seeing how the team performs in the upcoming season.

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