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GSRC Stream 2017 Blancpain GT World Championship Line Up

It’s come time to step into the GT Series in a big way for 2017. The focus of our open wheel team has seen some great success over the years but it’s time to duplicate the effort put into the open wheel team for the GT team. Apex Racing will be entering 5 cars in to the iRacing Blancpain Pro Series, with a view to join the current JCL – Apex Racing UK team, drove by Alex Simpson, Antoine Higelin, Jamie Fluke and Sebastian Job.

Apex Racing TV
Will Tregurtha
Marcus Jensen
Pashalis Gergis

Apex Racing Simulators
Andy Gorton
Simon Povey
Richard Towler
Samuel Libeert

Leo Bodnar – ARUK
Clive Lawrence
John Broadmeadow
Lee Thompson

Pro Sim – ARUK
Graham Carroll
Patrik Holzmann
Michael Dinkel
peter berryman

SimSteering – ARUK
Alex Marshall
Ryan Littlemore
Dan Berry

We would like to welcome all the new drivers onboard and look forward to following all the action in the series. Round 1 kicks off this weekend at Monza, GSRC will be streaming the Sunday race live on their YouTube channel.

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