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NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS)

With it being road course last week, we saw a low participation and an expected hit on the results as well. It was the first week where, since the first blog, that any Apex Racing driver failed to win any of the splits across the four time slots. However it wasn’t a make or break week and so this week we’re onto the third superspeedway of the week at Daytona International Speedway. Tighter turns and less racing surface than Talladega Superspeedway, side by side racing can be trickier here. Added to the challenge is this time round at Daytona being at night (instead of the day race that started the NASCAR iRacing Series). Participation would higher than usual too, being a superspeedway.

For the first race on Wednesday 9pm EDT/Thursday 2am BST, there were nine splits covering 313 drivers taking part. In the second split, Apex Racing UK’s full team driver Carl Heighes, starting at the back, scored a fifth place finish being just 0.2 seconds behind the winner and leading five laps. Third split saw Apex Academy Gold’s Michael McLain also finish second, under 0.2 seconds from the lead after starting at the back and having a clean race. Fourth split had three Apex Academy drivers taking part, all finishing inside the top 10: Tom Dreiling won the race, leading the most important 6 laps of the 80 lap race. Michael Knight followed in third and Raymond Barcomb was seventh, both coming from the back of the field. In sixth split, Apex Academy’s Justin Prince started third, leading three laps and ending up fourth. Eighth split was won by Apex Academy member Jeff Walton who took pole position by nearly a tenth, leading the most (55) laps and beating second by a mere 0.067 seconds. Fellow Apex Academy member Adam Meier finished third after having started 22nd. Lastly, in the ninth split, Justin Hirst finished third driving for Apex Academy. Congratulations to Tom Dreiling and Jeff Walton on mastering the draft to win their races.

With four splits for the Thursday 3pm EDT/8pm BST time slot, top split saw Apex Racing UK full team driver Nigel de Jong finish fifth after a late race restart, in front of Apex Academy’s Jacky Lotterman in sixth. Second split had Greg Gerk taking the fastest lap, finishing ninth after starting 31st. Over in the third split, Apex Academy Gold member Mark Murphy finished second, missing out on the win by 0.075 seconds. Apex Academy’s Steven Parks also finished second, by 0.091 seconds in the fourth split, having led 35 laps.

NASCAR Daytona

190+mph traffic jam past the pit lane

Another nine splits took on the Friday 9pm EDT/Saturday 2am BST race, this time with a total of 330 drivers. In the top split, Apex Academy member CJ LaVair had to settle for 10th due to a last lap wreck which saw a possible top 5 go out the window. Over in the third split, Apex Academy Gold member Andrew Anthony Ward secured a fourth place following a start in the back of the field and a last lap dash to the finish after a late race caution; shout-out to Tom Dreiling who had been leading the race before this final caution but was involved in the incident, taking him out of the race.

With the last attempt at Daytona on Sunday 10am EDT/3pm BST, there were six splits making an attempt. Top split had Nigel de Jong going on to lead 26 laps and finishing third ahead of CJ LaVair who finished fourth. Carl Heighes rounded out the top 10 after another start at the back of the field, navigating a four-laps-to-go wreck at the front of the field which would end the race under caution. In the second split, Andrew Anthony Ward finished third, going one better than his previous result, taking the fastest lap. Tom Dreiling had another strong run in fifth, having led 11 laps. Meanwhile in third split, Justin Prince finished two places better than his previous attempt, with a second place after leading 16 laps. Fifth split was won by Apex Academy member David Thompson Jr who ran top 10 all race, only taking the lead with four laps to go but perfectly timed as he lead all four laps to the chequered flag. Congratulations to David Thompson Jr on his superspeedway win.

Three wins over the week is more than expected at a superspeedway, where most people would’ve been aiming for a finish on the lead lap. Next week we’re off to one of the most abrasive tracks on the calendar, the only trip we make to Kentucky Speedway in the year.

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