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NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS)

Following the race at Daytona where the team made a good run of it, collecting three wins, this week we were at a racetrack that has old asphalt with a lot of bumps – Kentucky Speedway. That means grip is low, plus the abrasiveness means that drivers will be driving over the bumps which are on the racing line. Cautions would probably be aplenty which meant the strategies would be varying and need to be adapted quickly. Nevertheless, it is a fun track and the team looked forward to getting through this week which would mark halfway of the NASCAR iRacing Series, with 18 of 36 rounds complete.

With seven splits for the Wednesday 9pm EDT/Thursday 2am BST race, we were off and running for the week. In second split, Apex Academy member CJ LaVair started at the tail-end, driving through the field to take a sixth place finish. Apex Racing UK full team driver Carl Heighes followed in ninth after also starting at the very back of the field. Third split saw Apex Academy member Tom Dreiling score a fourth coming from the back, leading 2 of the 134 laps. In fourth split, Apex Academy Gold member Michael McLain led 40 laps, had the fastest lap and took the win by 0.4 seconds. Apex Academy member Ricky Thompson had started 31st, staying out of trouble to get himself a seventh place by the end of the race. Steven Parks (Apex Academy) finished eighth in split five having been taken out of a top 5 position. Sixth split meanwhile was won by Apex Academy’s Jeff Walton, who started third and led 11 laps, winning by 2.6 seconds. In the seventh split, Apex Academy member Justin Hirst led the most (78) laps, losing out on the win by 0.022 seconds and having to settle for second. Congratulations to Michael McLain and Jeff Walton on their wins.

NASCAR Kentucky 1

Nigel de Jong gets shuffled back after getting stuck on the bumpy outside lane

The Thursday 3pm EDT/8pm BST race had four splits. In the top split, Apex Racing UK full team drivers Nigel de Jong and Sahil Mustac finished second and sixth respectively, where the race finished under caution. In the second split, Apex Academy member Tyler Pinsonneault finished in the seventh position after dropping to the back early. Third split was mired by a late race caution which Apex Academy members unfortunately felt the brunt of through no fault of their own– Steven Parks had led 88 laps, but would be black-flagged to fall to 15th, Apex Academy member Jonathan Rex would pick up second but one lap down with Apex Academy Gold’s Mark Murphy in fourth.

Eight splits took on the Friday 9pm EDT/Saturday 2am BST time slot. In the second split, CJ LaVair took the win following a clean race where he started at the back, taking the lead with 10 laps to go to see himself be the first to take the chequered flag. Carl Heighes also started at the back, finishing strongly in fifth. Over in fourth split, Michael McLain did it again by winning the race, leading 13 laps this time and again taking the fastest lap. Mark Nadeau for Apex Academy led 64 laps in the fifth split, but a late race caution would see him drop to the back and recover for a ninth place finish. In sixth split, Steven Parks would again be taken out of contention after leading 54 laps, having to settle for third. Congratulations to CJ LaVair on his win and Michael McLain on winning his second race of the week.

NASCAR Kentucky 2

Jeff Walton (#19) and Steven Parks (#18) on a restart. Would combine for 68 lap led

The final race slot on Sunday 10am EDT/3pm BST had four splits of 36 drivers each. In the top split, Nigel de Jong was fast on the long run, but finished sixth after the race had a flurry of cautions. Sahil Mustac would see out the top 10 after never really challenging the top 5. Apex Academy Gold member Jake Forster won the second split coming from the back of the field, going on to lead 84 laps. Fellow Apex Academy Gold member Stuart Pomfrey also started in the back, finishing third and leading 5 laps. Mark Murphy in the third split led 16 laps, taking the chequered flag under caution in second place. Congratulations Jake Forster on the win.

No break from the racing as we move to the first trip to New Hampshire Motor Speedway – a track barely above a mile long, bumpy and flat that will make the racing difficult and keep the drivers on edge.

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