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NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS)

This week the team looked to finish off the success that was achieved through season 2 of iRacing in the NASCAR iRacing Series, at the aptly named Monster Mile – Dover International Speedway. Through the season, Apex Racing UK, Apex Academy and Apex DDP drivers and members got themselves plenty of wins and top fives across all the splits and time slots. So this week was the final chance to have a good week, before anything that may change on iRacing via the deployment of the new build for season 3; plus plans from Apex Racing to make the program even better through an overhaul of the current Academy system.

There were six splits for the Wednesday 9pm EDT/Thursday 2am BST time slot. In the second split, Apex DDP member Thomas Keene finished second after a side by side battle for the lead on a one to go restart, making contact and losing out to the winner. In the third split, Apex DDP member Scotty Rienschield started from the pits, working into the top 5 and taking the chequered flag in second. Miles the Monster took many victims that included Apex members, stopping them from getting more notable results.

The Thursday 3pm EDT/8pm BST race had three splits. In the top split, Apex Academy driver JD Legg had a race where he ended up being the first loser (second) having avoided wrecks but also having very good raw speed. Nigel de Jong for Apex Racing UK full team ran an alternate strategy which didn’t pay off for the win, but bagged third after a long green flag run. In the second split, there were 12 Apex Racing drivers and members. The race was won by Apex Academy driver Jake Forster starting back in 22nd, going on to lead 30 laps. Apex DDP member Andreas Traub finished fourth after being up and down throughout the race. Apex Academy driver Stuart Pomfrey finished seventh, having spent most of the race outside the top 10 but being in the right place when a late race wreck occurred. Congratulations to Jake Forster on taming Miles the Monster.

NASCAR Dover 1

JD Legg (#11) passing Nigel de Jong (#1) for 2nd place

Another six splits took on the Friday 9pm EDT/Saturday 2am BST time slot. Apex Academy driver Mark Murphy started at the back in the third split, finishing up seventh at the end of the 200th lap. Apex Academy members Michael Knight and Anthony Cianci barely missed out on top 10s, ending up 11th and 13th respectively. These were the only notable finishers for this time slot as Miles ate up more cars.

For the final race of season 2 in the NiS, there were four splits for the Sunday 10am EDT/3pm BST race. In the top split, Sahil Mustac took the pole but lost the lead on lap 1. After catching the leader in the late stages on a long run, he dropped to fourth following cautions in the last 20 laps. In the second split, Apex DDP member Andrew Anthony Ward started at the back, settling in for a long race; instead he ended up in the top 10 after just twenty laps, continuing to move through the field to bring the car home in fourth place. Apex DDP member Joshua Thornton in the third split started at the back and spent the first half of the race back there, but benefitted from the numerous cautions to end up fourth and 0.8 behind the leader on a one lap restart at the end. A weird day where it was a results of fourths for this time slot for the notable finishers.

NASCAR Dover 2

Miles the Monster makes victims of four Apex Racing cars in this wreck

Next week, even though there is a new build being deployed on iRacing, we continue straight through onto Pocono Raceway with its long straights and unique three turns instead of the regular four in NASCAR. Should be an interesting week.

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