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NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS)

With the new season build out, there were minor tweaks required to the setup before sending the drivers out to run in the NASCAR iRacing Series at Pocono Raceway, infamously known as the Tricky Triangle due to the three turns which are all very different from each other. This usually proves a challenge for setup building since the car can never be perfect at all parts of the track, having to sacrifice one of the turns at least. Not to mention the extremely long straights in between. What turn 4.

Seven splits for the Wednesday 9pm EDT/Thursday 2am BST had drivers fighting in approximately 32 driver grids. In the second split, Apex DDP member Thomas Keene started on the pole, going on to lead all but eleven laps, holding off the competition after a 11 lap restart to the end. Over in the third split, Apex DDP member Scotty Rienschield started at the back, securing fourth after the 80 laps following another late race restart in which he gained three positions. Apex Racing UK full team driver Josh Buckman finished ninth in the same split where incidents were aplenty. Fourth split saw Apex Academy members Robert Padavich and Tyler Pinsonneault finish first and second having started in the same positions; Padavich lead 68 laps and also took the fastest lap. Apex DDP member Tom Dreiling finished strongly in fifth after starting dead last. Apex DDP member Justin Prince finished seventh in fifth split, bagging himself two laps led too. Congratulations on the wins at the Tricky Triangle to Thomas Keene and Robert Padavich.

With just three splits for the Thursday 3pm EDT/8pm BST, Apex Academy driver Jake Forster survived the mess of 11 cautions to finish third having started last, followed by Apex DDP member Harry Tiller in fourth. Fellow Apex DDP member Jason Stehney started 26th but drove to 10th in only his second start in the NiS. Apex DDP member Michael McLain won second split starting in 23rd and leading 12 laps, ahead of second place by just 0.4 seconds. Justin Prince finished sixth in this race. Fellow Apex DDP members Raymond Barcomb and Austen Giacobone finished seventh and ninth respectively. Apex Academy driver Stuart Pomfrey saw out the top 10, coming through the field after starting at the back. Third split was won by Apex Academy member Andrew Botterill, who started fourth and remained in the top 10 all race, leading a total of 27 laps on the way to the win by 0.7 seconds. Congratulations to Michael McLain and Andrew Botterill on their close wins.


A typical restart at Pocono. Quite different from other racetracks

Onto the Friday 9pm EDT/Saturday 2am BST race which had six splits. The first three splits were bereft of notable finishers who were Apex members, as Pocono continued to be just as bad at making victims of drivers caught up in wrecks as the Monster Mile was. However, in the fourth split, Apex DDP member Greg Gerk started fourth and spent most of the race in the top five; whilst only leading one lap, he still managed to score a second just 0.3 seconds behind the leader. Apex Academy member John C. Parker also finished second but in the fifth split, 0.8 seconds off the lead.

The final attempt 10am EDT/3pm BST on Sunday had four splits. Apex Academy member Scott Naslund finished fourth in the second split, just over 2 seconds behind the leader having led five laps of the race. In the third split, Apex Academy member Mark Nadeau lost out in third after a well-run race which saw him starting on the pole, leading 41 laps and behind the leader at the chequered flag by under a second.

We’re off to do 100 laps of Michigan International Speedway next week where speeds are high and the racing is close. The team will look to hit on a good setup to be out front.

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