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Apex Racing UK Goes Oval

A few weeks before the start of the Nascar iRacing Series a few of us decided to take the plunge and have a go at doing the series. I think we can all acknowledge that the team is better know for it’s achievements on the road side of thing on iRacing and for that reason we decided to ply our trade in the fixed series. Round 1 took place this past weekend with the  Daytona 500. This is always a very popular race on the iRacing service and unfortunately a few gremlins crept in which meant that the race results wouldn’t count towards the rest of the season. Entering and running the race was a good warm up for the rest of the season. Three of the teams drivers lined up with Clive Lawrence and Conrad Venter in the same split and poor Trevor Johnson on his own in a higher split.

NiS Rd1 Daytona

Trevor ran into some trouble very early on in his race which resulted in some damage to the car but by sticking at it and making use of a caution period or two managed to work his way into 7th place by the end of the race. Clive started his split on pole and we might just have a little dark horse in terms of oval racing here. The entire race was run without a caution and Clive maintained either first or second position through the entire race. Unfortunately for him as he was planning on making it a fight for the win at the start of the last lap while running second a back marker got involved in the fight and Clive had to settle for second which in itself was a brilliant result. Conrad started in 12th place and soon after the start lost the draft to the pack. He managed to pick up another driver who suffered the same fate and they worked together and kept each other company for the rest of the race. He made use of the pit stops under green flag conditions to close the gap to the drivers in front and by the end of the race worked his way into a 6th place finish. (I guess all those pit stops in road racing are good for something). This was a good learning experience for the trio for the season ahead. Round 2 is taking place this coming weekend, February 27th around Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hopefully the escapades of Trevor, Clive and Conrad may convince a few other driver to join the fun as well.

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