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Apex Racing UK Youngsters Obtain Pro Licences

Hunter Manley (16) and Sebastian Job (14) are the latest Apex Racing UK drivers to obtain their coveted iRacing Pro Licences in the Williams FW31. Both drivers have been practising hard to achieve their goals and it is a real pleasure to welcome two new drivers to the Pro/WCS grid alongside current drivers Alex Simpson, Antoine Higelin, Lasse Bruun-Hansen and Lee Thompson.

Both drivers will be assisting with the Apex Racing Academy sharing setup advice and training sessions with Academy members and other team drivers.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming season and looking forward to your breakthrough into the iRacing World Championship Series.

Hunter Manley

When I joined iRacing the first thing on my mind was to get in the FW31 as fast as I could and try to get my Pro license. I had a good season with consistent finishes and some good podiums as well. Hopefully I can continue that in the Pro series and finish top 25!

This wouldn’t have been possible without my team, friends, and family. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication you guys put into helping me out; it finally paid off! See you in season 4!

Sebastian Job

When I first joined iRacing I decided that as a target I would like to get my Pro/WC license. To get one step closer to that is great, and I’m surprised that getting my Pro license only took one attempt. The season itself had it’s good moments, being much more fun than expected.

Now I’m aiming to get a few good results in any WCS race I can do, and if that goes perfectly then I may even manage to finish in the top 25, allowing me to get my license without doing the Pro series.

The car also feels much better to me with the new update , so I have much more motivation to practice now, so you can expect to see me in a few more races than originally planned.

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