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BSR FRS – Round 2 – Zolder

After a successful opening round for both Apex Racing UK and Apex Racing Academy, the BSR Formula Renault Series travelled across the Atlantic to Belgium for the second meeting of the 35 week series at the famous Circuit Zolder. Including both high speed chicanes and slow challenging corners, with it’s massive sidepod ending curbs, it was going to be a challenge to fit 40+ single seaters around neck and neck.

Once again, it was a cool morning qualifying for all drivers. After the 10 minutes, it was Peter (P1) and Maarten (P2) who would take a 1-2 for Apex combined from full team and Academy by a whopping 7 tenths ahead of the rest of the field, eye-watering pace! Race 1 began with tricky conditions with cold tyres and everyone getting a feel how to race this car/track combo in a massive group. Overall, after a race long battle between Peter and Maarten, it was Maarten who took the lead and held it to win by a small margin just under 2 tenths. Further back, Pashalis (ARUK), Josh (ARAC) and Oscar (ARUK) who dotted the remaining positions of the Top 10 after 12 laps.

Race 2 had a small 16 place reverse for the grid. With most of the Apex cars starting towards the rear of the field, it was challenging to try and cut through the pack, but didn’t prove too difficult. Although Oscar, Sam and Pashalis were all involved in a heated scrap with CQR’s and Triple Eight Racing’s Ash Sutton who fended off the three for several laps in a hard fight. In the end, due to both connection problems, and damage, only Peter, Pashalis, John Godfrey and Antoine Higelin were the Apex cars to take a Top 10 finish. A tough race, but a fruitful one for the likes of Peter and Pashalis who are now quite high up on the drivers standings.

After a quick breather, Race 3 was to be set during the afternoon in warmer conditions providing less grip for the drivers. It was yet another 16 place reverse, the least preferable one for most of us after that second race, but everyone pressed onwards and upwards. On lap 1, there was pandemonium heading into the first chicane with a majority of the 40 cars taking some kind of damage after a small scuffle chain reactioned into a catastrophe for many. A lot were left with heavy damage, although John Godfrey scored a strong 11th for the Academy team as most of the others there had either DNF’d or had speed defiency’s due to damage. It was a very strong result however for the full team with Antoine, Peter and Pashalis taking a 2-3-4 and taking a huge points haul home towards the team championship.

Race 4 was transitioned into the evening time, with a 20 place reverse grid penalty, to finish off what had been a small reverse amount compared to usual results from the wheel of grid fortune. Oscar and Maarten both started on the 2nd row and quickly got off to a fast start. With Maarten showing blisteringly fast pace, Oscar conceded so as to both not lose time to those behind. After 12 quite eventful laps, it was Maarten who took a dominating win by almost 9 seconds! Pashalis and Peter both finished well to bring home a second 2-3-4 for the main team. Antoine brought home a confident 6th place with Josh Thompson finishing the highest in the race for the Academy team in 7th position. Overall, despite some bad results for some, it was quite a decent night for the main team, and the Academy team too.

The BSR Formula Renault 2.0 Series will return tonight at Silverstone Historic for Round 3. Be sure to catch the race LIVE on Apex Racing TV, where you can also catch up on the Zolder broadcast. You can also check out the current standings as well as all the news from BSR and even how to sign up by clicking HERE. That’s all for now, tune in next week.

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