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Classic Teams Championship – Lotus 79


CTC poster by Nuno Moreira

Since I’ll be participating in the Lotus 79 Classic Team Championship for the next season, I thought it might be a good idea to bring you up to speed as to what it is and why you should consider it if you’re looking for a fun open-wheel experience. I now have couple weeks under my belt after doing some initial testing by participating in last few rounds of previous season, so I can give you my initial impressions but I’m by no means a Lotus 79 veteran. I will be planning on posting small updates as the season goes on, primarily just to sum up my performance and highlight some of the things that may come up.

Last time I raced this car was before the tire model update and even that was only for few rounds in Frank Herfjord’s league that focused on running the odd tracks that no one else used. But from what I can remember from it, I’d say the car is much more easier to get into for new drivers and certainly much easier car to set up than Dallara Indycar which is the other open-wheeler available to you at that license level. While the series may not be able to match the Indycar in the sheer volume of participants each week, there’s still almost a hundred drivers signed up for the CTC plus the independent drivers who only participate in the official championship so will be able to get some great racing regardless of your skill level.

So, how this all works and how it’s different from your usual leagues and what makes it great? First of all, there’s the ease of access. You only need to sign-up on the Lotus 79 forums and then participate in the official races to score points. That makes it very accessible for drivers with changing schedule and who would be unable to participate in a league with strict racetimes. Second, everyone participating in the CTC championship will be assigned to a team along with era-accurate paintjob created by the talented painters in Lotus 79 community. Entering your first race and seeing a grid full of classic paintjobs really gets you immersed into it and even if you’re not familiar with the Formula 1 of the late 70’s, it still looks really cool. And lastly, the community is very friendly and respectful despite the fact that things may get heated up during the race, especially when everyone is out there to win it. To sum it up, great car, great series and great community, not that hard to see why there are so many drivers who end up staying with the Lotus 79.

Start of a new season at Brands Hatch

Start of a new season at Brands Hatch

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