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CTC Week 2: Road Atlanta

ctc_2013s3_RAtlanta1Second round of the season took place at Road Atlanta, a relatively tricky circuit with a mix of blind corners and fast sweepers that require full commitment from the driver. I’ve been getting more confident with the car and have better understanding on what I want from the setup, so I didn’t really have too much trouble finding the balance I wanted, even if I compromised my race performance with last minute aero adjustment. Once again, we had a good turnout for Saturday and the main race on Sunday, also the new two hours interval between races is making it much more convenient for my schedule.

First race went reasonably well and I had great 3-way battle for the podium positions against Paul Mills and Liviusz Mihaiescu. We kept swapping positions and no one could really pull away, towards the end it almost looked like Paul was going to secure that 2nd place finish but last minute mistake dropped him down to 3rd and gave me the spot with Liviusz securing the 3rd just behind me. Points were not amazing as the SOF was not very high, but 117 points is still not a complete failure even if it was not  what I was shooting for. Second race in the top split didn’t go any better and I had to retire due to an early contact, but the grid was so strong that I don’t think my pace was quite enough to grab more points than I already had.

For the week three we’ll be heading to Mosport and while it’s probably not the best track for overtaking, it’s the kind of track I enjoy with it’s fast sweepers and flowing nature. As I already have a decent baseline setup for that track, plan is to mostly just experiement and try new things and aim for a comfortable set that allows me to push harder and close the gap to the front runners.

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