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CTC Week 3: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Mosport, or “Canadian Tire Motorsport Park” as it’s currently known, is one of those old-school tracks with fast sweeping turns, bumpy track surface and very little margin for error. I’ve always liked the it and was looking forward to this week, even if my results here have been inconsistent in the past. Finding a good balance for the car took little bit more work since I didn’t find a good baseline and comfortable car is crucial for this track. Ended up going with very low downforce and stiffer springs than usual to accommodate for lower rideheight, slight scraping is ok under braking zones but you don’t want to be dragging the floorplank all the way through backstraight. I’m still not sure what to make of the damper data as the telemetry suggests that the rear spring rates were way too low even with 400Nm/mm springs which feel incredibly stiff compared to the usual ~250Nm/mm springs. If I had to guess, the different tire profile between front and rear is what’s causing the difference in suspension movement between front and rear, meaning that the large rear tires more effective at absorbing the small movements before they reach dampers. I’ll need to check what happens when I increase tire pressure on rear tires, but that’s enough setup talk for now.

Racing went reasonably well, apart from almost throwing away podium position in first race by stuffing it into a wall during final lap, that adventure cost me 30sec because the front suspension was so bent that I had to keep the wheel turned 180 degrees to go straight. Fortunately John behind me had decided to back off and I managed to hold my position with just a couple seconds to spare, needless to say, he was kicking himself for the decision to not keep pushing all the way to the end. So, goals for the second race were consistency, consistency and consistency. That worked out well and as the race went on, I kept moving up without really having to work for it when others kept having mistakes and going off, in the end that resulted in solid 162 points and a good finish for the weekend.

(Screenshot image by Cam Walsh)

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