Alex Simpson - Pro Driver & Apex Racing UK Team Manager

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Alex Simpson – Pro/WC Driver & Team Manager

Alex Simpson Bio:

Hi I’m Alex Simpson, Apex Racing UK Pro Driver & Team Manager, as well as Apex Racing TV commentator.

I started Sim racing online Sept 2010 with F1 2010, where I joined a PS3 league. I have been playing racing games for many years before going online and was glad to qualify for the top tier of the ARL F1 championship. I finished second in my first season against some world class opposition and long time Sim racers.

Season 2 with a little experience saw me clinch the PS3 F1 2010 world championship with 1 round still to go after a long battle with rival and good friend Nick Lewis.

I have now switched to iRacing as I wanted a little more immersion and realism. After a few months of messing around, running & commentating on leagues for ARL, I decided that it would be good to try and prove myself against the best in Sim racing so I would attempt to get into the World Championship Series.

Sept 2012 I created ARUK with Darren Kirk to get some like minded drivers together, to help us in going for Pro. Since then the team has gone from strength to strength, we now have half a dozen or more Pro drivers and a great bunch of up and coming drivers that help promote the plethora of Team sponsors we have picked up on our way.

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