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Jamie Fluke – Pro/WC Driver

Jamie Fluke Bio:

I started Sim Racing at the back end of 2014 after spending most of my childhood playing racing games more of the arcade style. I briefly started with rFactor in September 2014 after getting my first and only wheel before realising that iRacing is where I wanted to test myself.

Upon starting with iRacing and successfully navigating my way through the Rookie licence I began racing the Spec Racer Ford. It was with this car that I really began to learn how to race and I enjoyed it so much that I stuck around in that car for 3 seasons, culminating in winning the Spec Racer Ford championship in 2015 S2.

Around this time I began racing in the BSRTC, picking up my first victory in that series at Sebring and then in my first full season in that series I won the BSRTC Winter Series, by this point now representing the Apex Racing Academy having joined after the World Cup of iRacing in 2015, with the intention of qualifying for the World Championship the following year.

From that point until now, I’ve spent most of my time running in the McLaren MP4-30, learning the car and learning from some of the best in the game to give myself the best chance of qualifying. Thankfully, I performed well in the Pro Series, finishing 3rd overall and picking up a pole position at COTA.

In 2017 I am competing in both the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series and the Blancpain GT Series on iRacing, as well as competing in some of the special events throughout the year on iRacing.

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