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Samuli Kumo Bio:

Hey, my name is Samuli and I’m one of the drivers for Apex Racing UK.

I’ve been simracing for a long time and even before that, I’ve always been into cars and grew up watching F1 in the 90’s. But it wasn’t really until 2008 when I signed up for iRacing that I discovered how much I enjoy the competition itself.

I scored my first win within a week and eventually qualified for the inaugural iRacing Pro Series. However, I opted to not participate in it because I felt that it was more beneficial to keep progressing one step at the time and not rush things by jumping into much faster car that I’m not prepared for. This eventually paid off and I enjoyed fair bit of success in Radical series, finishing 2nd the championship for Season 4 of 2010 and claiming my first world record laptimes. More importantly, this gave me the opportunity to spend time figuring out how to setup a car and gain better understanding on basic vehicle dynamics.

This also illustrates my approach to racing which is to complement the driving skills with those of a race engineer. As any craftsman would say, “know your tools” and this applies to racing as well. Not only does it allow you to make setup adjustments and talk about them with your race engineer, understanding the weight transfer and tire behaviour will allow you to manage your tires better.

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