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I started proper sim racing with Geoff Crammond’s F1, running 100% distance races – seat swapping with my friend. Many other sims came and went, including Indy 500 and the incredible for its time Grand Prix Legends, but I didn’t get into multiplayer racing until Codemasters arrived with their superb, if flawed, F1 2010 game. Soon after that I found ARL and took over the administration of the PC leagues. While that provided entertainment, I became intrigued with some videos of an online only, subscription based sim called iRacing, and took the plundge soon after.

After seasons of Star Mazda, various World Tour events and hosted leagues, I switched to the Indy Oval series, winning my Indy 500 split followed by finishing first in my divison in the fixed series. I then joined a Open series team, running a full season and achieving a World Record qualifying time at Kansas. I left the Indycar scene and joined ApexRacingUK, reuniting me with some old friends from the ARL.

I’m now helping out behind the scenes, while running the BSR iRacing BTCC league and other occasional events.

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