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Academy Apex Academy 3.0 (2018 Season 2)

Discussion in 'Apex Racing Academy' started by Alex, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Alex

    Alex Team Owner Staff Member Apex Racing UK Platinum Member

    Hi all, first up a big thanks for those that have stuck around for the last year, while we did our own thing and get ready to bring back the Academy!.

    So Season 2 is when we officially return.

    Supported Car - LMP1 (if it's not released we will support the MP430 for 1 additional season)

    What you will get -
    Access to the whole Academy forum
    Weekly Race & Q setups
    Weekly Race & Q replays
    Weekly Track Guide videos
    Weekly O/B Lap files
    Access to the Academy VRS team
    Access to SDK-Gaming Apps
    Access to all the historic Academy 2.0 data

    The Academy is the only place we are now recruiting drivers from, those that stand out and have a passion to compete in the same series as us with a potential to improve our on or off track performance will get a call.

    Sign up is via the Apex Racing Academy website - http://www.apexracingac.com which will be live when week 13 starts.

    Max number of 30 active members per season. We want to keep the group small and personal this time.

    Same £30 season fee.

    Any questions, drop me a PM.
  2. Alex

    Alex Team Owner Staff Member Apex Racing UK Platinum Member

    Now the LMP1's are confirmed the Apex Academy website is live and now taking signups for next season.


    I'm looking forward to some fun in these cars

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