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Installation and documentation

Discussion in 'Driver information' started by Pascal, May 9, 2019.

  1. Pascal

    Pascal Administrator Apex Racing UK

    What is Driver Information

    Driver Information is a client application to the SDK Gaming driver database. Every driver can use this software to upload and maintain more detailed information about himself than what iRacing does.

    As an example, this is my driver data as displayed in Driver Information:


    Some data from the database will override iRacing data in overlays:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Suffix
    • Country
    Some data will be used in addition to iRacing data in overlays:
    • Picture
    • Team
    Some data will be used by broadcasters and commentators to add useful details to their comments:
    • Bio
    • Latest news
    • Website
    • Youtube channel
    • Twitter channel
    • Twitch channel
    • Facebook page

    There is no real installation procedure: simply download the attached ZIP file and unzip to a folder. Alternatively the application can be run without installing it directly from the internet by clicking this link: http://livetiming.sdk-gaming.co.uk/driver-information/driver-information.exe

    Running Driver Information

    Double click driver-info.exe or click the direct link http://livetiming.sdk-gaming.co.uk/driver-information/driver-information.exe to run Driver Information. If windows opens a dialog box telling you the application might be a threat to your system simply click additional information then run anyway.

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  2. Pascal

    Pascal Administrator Apex Racing UK

    Connection to iRacing

    Driver Information uses iRacing to determine the identity of the connected driver. Therefore Driver Information only allows editing of driver data when iRacing is running and the driver is in a car in a live session.

    Connection states (lower left of the window):
    • When iRacing is not running no data field can be edited and connection state displays:
    • When iRacing is running but driver is not in a live session (practice, qualify, race or test) no data field can be edited and connection state displays:
    • When iRacing is running and driver is in a live session (practice, qualify, race or test) all data fields can be edited and connection state displays:
    As soon as Connected is displayed all driver data is loaded and displayed ready for editing.

    Data fields
    • iRacing ID and iRacing name are both read only data fields. Both fields are updated automatically as soon as a live iRacing session is entered.
    • First name, Last name and Suffix can be used to override the iRacing name in overlays. Some names contain digits or wrong characters that need to be changed to get the desired display in the overlay. If left blank iRacing name will not be overridden.

      For example if First name is Kevin, Last name is Ellis, Suffix is Jr the overlay will display Kevin ELLIS Jr when Name is selected and ELLIS, K when Short name is selected.

    • Country overrides the iRacing club name when it is set to anything else than None. Some of the club names provided by iRacing are region names (Iberia, DE-AT-CH, benelux, asia etc...) that are not very accurate. The Country field allows to set the exact country from a list of more than 250.
    • Team name is used to specify a team name in non team sessions. In iRacing teams only exist in team races when several drivers share a car. There is no built in provision for teams running several cars in a session. When this field is set it will replace the iRacing team name or club name in the overlay.
    • Picture preview and Load driver picture are used to upload, pan and crop a driver picture:
      • First click Load driver picture and select a JPG or PNG file. PNG is the preferred format as it allows transparency of the background.
      • When a picture is loaded it is displayed in the preview frame.
      • The picture can then be panned by clicking and dragging. The picture can also be zoomed in and out using a mouse wheel.
      • When the Update button is clicked only the visible part of the picture is uploaded into the database and then downloaded back into the preview frame to represent exactly the picture in the database: it can't be panned anymore as the areas surrounding the frame have been cut out.
      • Picture is resized to 500 x 500 pixels for fast download into the overlay.
    • Bio, Latest news, Website, Youtube channel, Twitter channel, Twitch channel, Facebook page are fields used by commentators to help them use relevant information in their comments. Therefore keeping these fields up to date is a must.
    Remove and Update buttons
    • When clicking the Remove button all driver's data is removed from the database
    • When clicking the Update button driver data is created or updated in the database.
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