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Lee Thompson

The very first iRacing Grand Prix Series week ever at Montreal was eventful to say the least. I think for most the circuit has been found to be very fun (running between the walls on a road course is a new experience for iRacing) but extremely frustrating. The chicanes are unforgiving to any mistake in line, with the exit walls all awaiting your arrival.

Race 1


The starts have been pretty crazy here in all races and the first was no exception, 6 of the top 10 cars were side by side in 2 rows going through turns 1 and 2! Amazingly everyone managed to get through those first turns unscathed, but my escape did not last too long. Colin Cunniffe and Raffaele A Di Palo got together at turn 6, I could see it developing for quite a while so had slowed in plenty of time but unfortunately the cars behind had not read it quite so easily.


No rear wing meant I was lapping 2 seconds off the pace and just needed to bring the car home in the midfield with many other drivers having incidents. Had a great battle with Charles Sears in the closing laps trying to hold him off including running side by side through turn 1 all the way to turn 3!!

Race 2

A cleaner less eventful start off the line slotted me in behind the majority of Friction Racing heading towards turn 6 when again the unfortunate Colin Cunniffe got together with Luis Babboni this time just one position behind me. This instantly created a 6 second gap to any cars behind allowing me all race to focus on hitting consistent laps to make my no stop strategy work.


The strategy worked out perfectly allowing me to jump the 3 Friction Racing cars ahead after their pitstops. A lot of pressure from them closing behind for the last third of the race was tough but I managed to hold on to bring the car home in 3rd and 202 points to cement my place at the top of the A-Class driver standings!!

Race 3

Carnage at the start as Ariel Eduardo Bernadi spun his rear tyres and veered across the track. Everyone ahead of me thankfully managed to avoid him all of us slowing in the process, as I glanced in the mirrors I could see a further accident about to happen as a result and just managed to get back on the power early enough to get out of the danger!


I was extremely thankful to have made it through the first lap and was trying to calm myself down to a rythmn at the start of lap 2 when again an incident ahead resulted in me getting rear ended. Christiaan Tanahatoe sustained damage through turn 6 and as he was recovering on the approach to turn 8 I had to brake slightly early to avoid an incident. Unfortunately again the car behind had not read it quite as easily and Ryosuke Iwasaki went for a little ride. Again I plodded round with my damaged car for the majority of the race until a lack of concentration put me into the wall. Enough other cars had already crashed out for me to only lose one further place and still improve my iRating.

4 weeks completed and still no drop weeks!! 1st in the A-Class driver standings!! This is a better start then I could have ever imagined, really looking forward to Road America!

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