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iRacing SRF Challenge – Week 6

Its been a little while since my last update so this might be a good time to write a little bit on what’s been going on. I’ve been running the SRF for the last six weeks and have since realised that the SRF is probably one of the most underrated cars on iRacing. People assume because you get it when you sign up and because its not particularly fast its an easy car to master. Its a tricky little car and should you spend enough time in it it will teach you the basics of what you need to know once you decide to move up to the more powerful cars. The league also have some incredibly fast people and you quickly learn who they are so you know who the people are to match yourself against.

As for myself, I’ve managed to consistently score in the low to mid 90 pointers each week so far. This meaning that after week 6 I was sitting pretty with 594 points and well on course to beat my best point scoring for a season which was in the Star Mazda in season 1 with 650 points. The biggest thing I’ve learned from the SRF so far is that consistency is key and even if you aren’t the quickest you can still score decent points by just keeping the car pointing in the right direction. We are now into the second half of the season with week 7 taking us to Mid Ohio. The plan first and foremost is to beat the 650 points I’m aiming for, once that is done the plan will be to get into the higher SOF races on the weekends to see how I stack up and to maybe improve on a few of my lowest scoring weeks. Another one our drivers who’s been running in the SRF this season is Kevin Parrish. Kevin is incredibly quick and at the moment sitting in 37th overall but with only 5 weeks counted.Make sure to keep an eye on Kevin as we get into weeks 8 to 12.

I’ve also recently signed up the #1 AAA Supermixed league. This a series with 4 divisions each sporting 4 different cars running against each other with a fuel handicap system in place. The quicker cars also get a stop/go penalty to even things up. What all of this means is that you are sometimes likely to do a bit of running on your own but it makes for a very exciting last 10 or 15 minutes when the final pit stops are done and everybody is dashing for the finish line. Saturday 7th saw the opening round in division 4 with the Mustang, Skippy, MX 5 and Solstice the cars to pick from. I decided on the Mustang purely because that is the car I’ll be replacing the SRF for in season 4. After making a good start I got caught up in my own thoughts and ran out of fuel 🙁 . I managed to get myself back into 8th place by the end of the race but without that mistake and losing about 40 seconds with the tow back to the pits I should have been looking at 6th place. This coming weekend sees the start of the division 3 competition featuring the Mclaren MP4, Ford GT, Corvette CR6 and the Ford Falcon V8.

Hopefully I won’t take this long again before getting to do another update but until then, happy racing!!!

See you on track……

iRacing SRF Challenge Stats

Overall Position: 29th

Division 3 Position: 8th

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