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iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series

What is the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series?

iRacing World Championship Grand Prix SeriesAs the highest racing series within the Competition Program for road racing (as opposed to oval racing), the Series World Championship Road Racing Licenses are awarded to only 50 drivers who have earned the right to compete head-to-head to determine the best on-line driver in the world. The drivers in this series have worked extremely hard to get to this elite series and are the best sim racers in the world. is very proud of this series, it is the showcase for in regards to simulated on-line racing. This series is viewed and followed closely by thousands of fans and fellow sim racers around the globe.

WCS events will typically be planned for a 300KM + 1 lap race but can vary depending on the racing venue. Races will typically feature 35 car fields (though again this may vary depending on venue). Each week, the top 35 WCS drivers based on qualifying times are guaranteed a place in the race field. All WCS license holders are encouraged to qualify and register for each race.  The starting grid will be set by qualifying times. Any driver who does not post a qualifying time will start from the rear of the field based on iRating. Qualifying will be limited to a single session and 3 laps, fifteen minutes before the start of each race. Points will be scored based on the World Championship Grand Prix Series points system (without averaging). There are no bonus points awarded. (See points table below)

Finish Points Finish Points Finish Points Finish Points
1 35 11 25 21 15 31 5
2 34 12 24 22 14 32 4
3 33 13 23 23 13 33 3
4 32 14 22 24 12 34 2
5 31 15 21 25 11 35 1
6 30 16 20 26 10
7 29 17 19 27 9  Bonuses
8 28 18 18 28 8  Win  3
9 27 19 17 29 7  Lead Lap  1
10 26 20 16 30 6

The Car – McLaren MP4-30

Among the most technically advanced race cars ever created, the McLaren MP4-30 is powered by a Honda RA615H . . . H as in hybrid. Power produced “conventionally” by the turbocharged, direct injection 1.6 liter, V6 engine is augmented by the F1 Energy Recovery System (ERS) which harvests thermal energy from the turbo and braking systems, and delivers additional thrust through the Motor Generator Unit. No less innovative is the MP4-30’s chassis which features an exaggerated “Coke” bottle shape around the engine and transmission, aiding airflow to the diffuser, wings and other downforce-generating devices at the back of the car which, as with all current F1 cars, utilizes the Drag Reduction System when closely following another car in order to create additional overtaking opportunities.

Thanks to the unprecedented access to McLaren’s CAD files and data, iRacing’s digital McLaren MP4-30 incorporates current Formula One technology at a level never before seen in sim racing. As a result, iRacing redesigned its engine model to incorporate the ERS and MGU as well as the accompanying energy “storage” and “depletion”. As well, implementing the DRS necessitated the creation of overtaking zones based on a competitor’s proximity to the car ahead.

In short, iRacing’s McLaren MP4-30 is the most sophisticated digital race car yet created and represents an exciting new frontier for sim racing.

McLaren MMP4-30

McLaren Honda – MP4 30
Carbon-fibre composite survival cell
5,000 mm (196.9 in)
700+ horsepower (approx)
McLaren Honda
Pushrod system with torsion bars
Weight (including driver):
702 kg (1,547.6 lb)
McLaren 8 speed
Designer(s): Suspension (rear): 
Pushrod system with torsion bars
Honda RA615H Hybrid 1.6 Ldirect injection V6 turbocharged.

Watch live

All  iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series races are broadcast live at iRacing Live in HD with full commentary of the race including pre/post race shows.

iRacing Live

Replays are available to watch on demand at Race Spot HD again in full HD