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Championship Standings iWCGPS 2015 – Round 1 – Interlagos

With a fast pace and some unique corners, Interlagos has always been one of my preferred tracks in the service. I had a good pace there during the 2014 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, but for some reason I was never able to bring home good results with the FW31 on this track. During the race preparation I was able to build a setup that was fast and easy to drive on the curbs, which is crucial at Interlagos.

On my first flying qualification lap I drove somewhat too cautiously: I was already almost 4 tenth behind my personal best after only 4 corners. I then decided to take more riks in my second flying lap: the first section of the lap was almost perfect, I lost some time in the twisty middle section and had a bad exit out of the last corner, compromising an easy top ten. Nevertheless I finished 10th on my server and 14th on the grid.

Concerning the race there isn’t much to say … unfortunately. I knew that 35 cars rushing into the first left hand corner at Interlagos usually ends up in a big mayhem. I knew that all the drivers, including the newly promoted Pro drivers, usually want to show their best in the first race of the season and often forget that a race cannot be won in the first corner. I also knew that being located in the front-mid pack is a dangerous situation as you can be hit in the back without having any opportunity to avoid it. I decided to start very cautiously leaving a gap in front of me to let me enough time to react in case of a crash in front of me.

Unfortunately, what I most feared happened: I was read-ended before reaching the first corner. My car was hit several times and had too much damage to even drive straight. This ended my 10 second race. Very disappointing as I had the pace for a top 10! On the positive side my team mates could finish the race: Alex finished in 24th position despite technical issues and Sebastian in 22th position.

Being the first driver to end my race I am now in 35th position in the championship, which is my worst standing so far in iWCGPS. Hopefully I will be able to recover in the next races.

Gratz to Aleksi and the podium.

Thanks to the team, for the work on the setups and the strategy.
Thanks to our sponsors for their support:
Leo Bodnar,
Simputers PC Systems,
GT Omega,
Precision Sim Engineering.

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