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iWCGPS – Round 13 – Spa Francorchamps

After travelling across the Atlantic back to Europe for the 13th round of the season, the iWCGPS headed to the historic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps nestled into the heartland of Belgium’s countryside. 29 drivers took to the grid for this race, always a popular one on the calendar. Along with historic races in the real world, the World Championship / Pro Series has also had very memorable and controversial races at this circuit, so this was sure to be an exciting one. Hear from our drivers how they felt the event played out.

Peter Berryman:

“Going into qualifying, my pace was surprisingly good with less preparation than I would have liked. My first lap had a few mistakes and I knew I could improve, which I did but made a little mistake at Blanchimont losing me almost two tenths in the last sector. In the end costing me 2nd or 3rd on the Grid but 8th was still fine.

In the Race I got a great launch off the line gaining spots as usual but the chaos in turn 1 gave me 2 hits to the rear of my car costing me roughly 4 tenths a lap also killing my rear tires over the stint due to the damage. So from that stage I was in 2nd knowing I was going to be falling back but managed to fight hard and nurse it home in 7th with some hard battling in the last lap before the flag.

Hopefully we can take our pace into Suzuka and have a strong result.”

Sebastian Job:

I didn’t prepare too much for this race, so my pace was quite a way off. The main goal was to just finish. For qualifying I set a reasonable banker as my first lap, but there was clearly some time to be gained. Unfortunately I got an off track on my second lap meaning I started way back in 17th place.

Unfortunately at the start there was a huge crash and I had nowhere to go and got caught up in it. I then tried to pit later that lap but got caught up with Dion while doing so, ending my race. Hopefully Suzuka goes better!

Graham Carroll:

Q: This was the least amount of testing I’d done for quali this season so to get p6/7 ish on the first lap and p4 with the 2nd, I was happy with that!

R: Using a slightly different strategy than usual I felt our race could go well. Pace seemed to be good and with  Tormala at the back of the grid, I just needed to finish in front of him, that was the aim for the day. Unfortunately we didn’t make it past turn one having got a great start and going for 2nd up the inside of Mitchell I noticed as I was turning in Greger stuck it up the inside of me making it 3 wide and Mitchell only leaving room for me not knowing Greger was there. All 3 of us spun causing a pile up and taking a lot of people out the race. Sad way to end this run of top tens but that’s racing looking forward to Suzuka!

Turn one calamity damages half the field.

The turn one calamity damages half the field. Plenty of drivers needing new front wings after it.

Antoine Higelin: 

“As usual I ran a very cautious first qualifying lap to set a base time but made several errors. Then I focused to get the best out of my second flying qualifying lap. I finished 15 on the grid which is no surprise as I was really struggling in qualifying trim.

My race start was pretty good until the end of the first corner where I got caught in the usual L1T1 mayhem with no way to escape. Not only did I lose a lot of time blocked behind wrecked cars but also my front wing was damaged. I quickly adapted to the new car handling and started to overtake: after 10 laps I found myself in 13th position. I was in 11th position when I pitted early as a result of my broken front wing.Wing replacement took an additional 4-5s which set me back to 16th position after my pitstop. After some overtakes I saw Alex and Michael crash just in front of me and found myself in P9. I then spent all my ERS overtaking Robin but my tyres were already giving up: I had to surrender to a very fast Greger and Robin with tyres in better shape. Nevertheless I could resist to Michael using my great top speed for a finish in 10th position.”

 Alex Simpson:
“Q) Pretty safe first lap just avoiding the off tracks, felt like a good few tenths to be found. Went a little harder at it in the 2nd lap and while I did find those few tenths I lost them in the bus stop to finish Q in 11th.

R) Car felt good in race trim, I picked my battles and after lap 1, found myself in P6 or 7. I lost a couple of places to Patrick and Joni but moved past Riley before the pit stop to stay about 8th. I was happy that I was able to catch some of the guys ahead on the long run, so felt I had a good shot at staying well inside the top 10. After the pits I came out behind Ilkka and for some reason my DRS didn’t work, costing me valuable time. Sadly my race came to an end with the worst case of netcode I have seen. Yes I moved over but I always had sight of Michael and at no point moved over any more that the gap between us. Sucks it ended my race but glad he was able to finish.

That sums up my season perfectly, if it’s not hardware faults, getting crashed into, it’s netcode or a dodgy hotel internet connection ending my race.

Suzuka next, just going to finish out the season and regroup for 2017, will be bolstering the team over the winter break as well.”

Great recovery drives from Peter and Antoine, but this race is one to forget for the others. It’s back to Japan for the 14th meeting of the season, at the speed arena of Suzuka International Circuit, always a great spectacle from the first turn where Kimi Raikkonen dazzled F1 several years ago, to 130R remembered for the famous duels of Schumacher and Alonso! To view the championship standings and results click here. Until then, catch the race on RaceSpot TV, and keep up to date with our other drivers competing in other championships such as the BSRTC (live on ApexRacingTV every Thursday at 8pm British Time) and more!
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