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iWCGPS – Round 9 – Race Report

The iWCGPS circus headed to Imola last Saturday for Round 9 of the year, with Montréal left behind, Apex drivers tackled the new addition to the iRacing service ready for action. Catch up with the drivers on how it went:

Graham Carroll:

“Qualifying went well, P5, I didn’t quite have the set there this week but still a decent place to start. For the race, a good start off the line too, then I was slowed and passed by a few cars before turn one because of a Coanda car almost losing it off the start, I then had to get up to Pete and join the train, eventually getting by ’round the outside of turn 1 moving me to P3. For the pit stop, I came out with a good gap I could get cracked on, had a good battle with Martti and in the end he got me on the last lap just due to me having no ERS left starting the front straight. But all in all another top 5, so really happy with that. Grats to the rest of the team also!”

Peter Berryman:

“Practicing for this race we knew that the 1 stop was certain due to the Late Afternoon time bringing colder temps so I made a late decision before the race to try different tire strategy than I initially planned. In qualifying, I earned my best result in the WCS landing in P3 with only 1 lap due to an offtrack cancelling my second lap and ruining my chances of second or sneaking a P1.

To start the race, I felt good heading in after a successful Q but it wouldn’t last long as like in Montreal my tires just were not giving me the grip or confidence I needed. I just tried to knuckle down and do the best with what I had knowing that I would be struggling all race looking in my mirrors the whole time. I was strong under pressure from faster cars behind trying to pass like in Silverstone where I managed 4th with a slow car, keeping guys back so I focused on hitting my marks which only lasted for so long before cars eventually people started passing me creating a domino effect but was able to come home in a solid P7.

I know where to improve, so on to Motegi and hope I can maybe grab the podium I have been knocking on. Massive Thanks to Scott for helping out with spotting and for putting up with my whining! Gratz to the team on the points scored also!”


AntoineImolaRecap 720

Oscar Mangan:

“I headed into this with an annoying drive through penalty from the get-go, so I focused mainly on race trim in testing. When qualifying started I had about 8 laps done in Q trim so it was a bit of a challenge and I knew I’d be off pace. To get 23rd wasn’t too bad, I think Top 20 was definitely there if I’d more time in learning the reactions from the car as it was. Then on to the race, my start was good, I had a good launch but couldn’t make any overtakes really and I didn’t want to risk anything. Served my DT on Lap 1 and was 25 seconds back on the field. From there until the pit stop I had a difficult stint, pushing very hard trying to reel the guys ahead back in resulting in 3 individual spins losing another 30 seconds. In the end, I had an exceptionally quiet race, I barely saw a car on track except for the leaders pretty much.

In the end, P19 after the attrition throughout, happy to bring home the points. Thanks as well to the guys for helping me with setup for this one and Ferenc for filling in as spotter!”

Alex Simpson:

“Preparation was good this week and the car felt good over the long run and thought we had a real good shot at a top finish. Sadly I had some technical issues just before the race which affected the car shifting.
In Q I just cruised around to get a valid time to make sure I was on the grid, no point starting in the pack if the car was just going to get stuck in gear. I made that mistake at Monza when my connection was bad and paid the price, best to start at the back and work my way forward, if I could with my issues.

The race start was a bit scrappy, I gained a few places picking my lines and a few more with others mistakes. My shifting issues were there but only ever so often and I was able to lap close to others around me. On the first lap I had some phantom damage and I knew I would need to pit early to try and make up the time on the track. Just before my pit I had a little scrap with Isaac which unfortunately ended when I made slight contact on his rear and sending him around, this one was defiantly on me. With a fresh wing the car felt great but my issues really started to kick in, on my clean laps I easy had pace to catch the few cars ahead but then I would miss some downshifts or get stuck in 4th on the straights and lost a boat load of time. The issue got worse as the race went on a I was also unable to use the ERS as my system wasn’t detecting the button press.

Somehow I finished 18th with all my issues. Not the result I wanted but some points keeps me in the fight for a top 15 in the championship.”

Antoine Higelin:

“Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is a very difficult track. You have to dial in your chassis settings so that the car can take Imola’s high curb as well as being stable in high speed sections. Qualifying is important on this track as there is only one very difficult overtaking spot going into Tamburello.During my race preparation I could easily adapt the team setup to my driving style and find good pace and good confidence. But I could find absolutely no confidence with the qualifying setup until the race …

During qualifying I drove a very cautious and slow first lap to set a time. I tried to push some more in my second flying lap and was happy to get 16th spot on the grid. I believe I wasn’t the only one struggling with this track/car combo.My start was pretty good and I took the right decisions is the first few corners: I finished the first lap in 13th position. Then I had a good fight with Marin until our pitstop. Unfortunately we lost some time to Ilkka in front of us.I came out of pits in 9th position again trying to close the gap to Ilkka. But after a big slide I decided to bring it home safely.”


Some personal best results, and some to forget after the 9th round of the season, drivers will be learning and powering onwards during the summer break when we return to the ever-challenging Twin Ring Motegi circuit on July 9th! You can also view the championship standings and results here. Until then, catch the race on RaceSpot TV, and keep up to date with our other drivers competing in other championships such as the BSRTC (live on ApexRacingTV every Thursday at 8pm British Time) and more!

Also a big thanks to our sponsors and partners!


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