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JCL Sim Racing joined forces with Apex Racing UK for 2016/17

Apex Racing UK are delighted to announce JCL Sim Racing will be coming onboard as a sponsor the upcoming 2016 season! With 8 Apex Racing UK cars in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series (iWCGPS) and a further 4 drivers making up our sole team in the Blancpain World Endurance Series our progressions for the future are looking ever stronger.

JCL realise that when you’re at the top level of Sim Racing (or any level for that matter) a perfect cockpit will only ever aide you to fulfil your potential. That’s why they’ve created a cockpit made for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts. With top quality production and research having gone in to producing their “To be Faster” series of rigs it will only ever increase your potential as a Sim Racer. With high-quality aluminium being used in all their designs, the rigs are bound to have a very long life of usage. The products they provide are ideal for any Sim Racer; whether or not you’re looking for more immersion, or just a more comfortable experience – which is easy to come by in these rigs since you can easily adjust the driving position to suit your own needs – it’s a perfectly suited product for a passionate Sim Racer of any level.

At Apex we’re always trying to make strides forward on, and off the track. With JCL coming onboard it’s bound to enable us to improve on what was already an incredibly strong 2015 season.

JCLFor more information on JCL, you can view their website here:


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