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Montréal Race Review – iWCGPS – Round 3

Last Saturday marked the 3rd round of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series calendar for 2017 with the race taking place in the famous Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montréal, Canada. After Martin Kronke of Coanda dominating the first two races so far, many were very hungry to take the top spot for this round and qualifying was crucial.

A fantastic effort saw Graham Carroll place his car 2nd on the grid alongside Kronke and determined to lead into turn 1. Peter Berryman also was near the top of the time sheets placing 5th fastest but a pit lane start wouldn’t be of any help though still something to be happy about. iWCGPS rookie for 2017 Marcus Jensen was the last of the field within the Top 10, while Antoine Higelin was just inside the top 20 in 18th place. Things did not go to planned for Jamie Fluke however who only saw himself 28th for the grid, though it wasn’t bad for the Academy drivers Kevin Ellis, Ferenc Kern and Alex Bergeron who were 12th and 34th and 35th respectively.

After the 10 minute warmup, drivers took to the grid waiting for the lights. The engines revved, bite points were found and they set off with Graham getting a great launch and leading the field into the first corner. Holding steady ahead of Martin for the opening laps, further back Jamie lost control and retired from the race, while Peter was working hard at cutting through the field promptly. Meanwhile Marcus was working hard at keeping in the top 10 and getting consistent laps being in P5 after a few laps.

Marcus was the highest finishing Apex car.

Marcus was the highest finishing Apex car in P7.

As the laps went by and strategy came in to play, Kronke made his way into the lead with Graham now battling with Schothorst and Huttu. The Academy drivers were also going well with Ferenc and Alex working up the field while Kevin was pushing hard to recover positions. Though in the closing laps disaster struck for Graham who was working hard made contact when Joao Vaz being a lap down misjudged his positioning along with Graham’s speed wiping both of them out with only laps to go. Despite this bad luck, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for all Apex drivers where Marcus would finish P7, followed by Antoine and Peter in P8 and P9 both driving very well. Kevin and Ferenc both placed in the Top 20 and Alex was following closely in P22.

A good result for Marcus, Antoine and Peter who’ll surely be pleased with the results. Next up will be Road America where the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series returns on Saturday the 22th of April at 13:30UTC on iRacing Live. Be sure to catch the Montréal broadcast from Racespot and see first hand the opening round.

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