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A New Website For A New Era

Apex Racing UK 2014 New Website

It has been a long time coming but we have finally bit the bullet and updated to our new website. The old site while serving its purpose of giving Apex Racing UK a web presence didn’t really stand out amongst the crowd and at Apex we strive to deliver the best in everything we do both on and off the track.

Apex Racing UK New Website

I would like to thank everybody who helped in developing the site, pretty much every team members has helped to build this site. Whether it was back-end coding or just participating in hosted sessions to get the graphic work sorted. Special thanks need to be given to Tim Mawson for all his hard work with the iRacing Web API to produce all of our up to date and live stats.

New Features

  • Keep track of the teams latest result with the Results Ticker 
  • Learn more about the Apex Racing UK drivers with Driver Bio & Statistics page
  • Follow the team with the Combined Statistics & Standings Page
  • Learn about the iRacing World Championship with the IWCGPS Page & Standings
  • Get up to the minute live news direct from our Twitter Feed
  • Follow the team with live Broadcasts on our Streaming & Live Timing Page
  • Get help from the Pro’s with the Apex Academy

Moving Forward

2014 has so far been a great year for Apex Racing UK, with 4 drivers competing in the World Championship, new sponsor Leo Bodnar and expanding into both the GT and Radical series. The arrival of some very fast and talented new members Sebastian Job, Trevor Johnson, Clive Lawrence, John Broadmeadow, Ryan Littlemore & Tim Mawson has pushed the team forwards to focus not only on the Official elite series of the WCS & IGPS but also the team focused events such as the Neo GT.

Apex Racing UK will certainly be featuring heavily in any future team focused events and the drivers are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of driver swaps to the series. Our aim moving forward is to show the world that Apex Racing UK have arrived and plan to stay at the sharp end of the sim racing elite teams.


I would also like to thank our sponsors, friends and fans for all the support over the last 2 years. We would not have grown into the team we are today without your support and we hope to do you all proud in the foreseeable future.

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