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NiS Round 2 – Atlanta Motor Speedway

This past weekend saw round 2 of the NiS take place at Atlanta Motor Speedway. With some solid result from round 1 Clive Lawrence, Conrad Venter and Trevor Johnson went into this race cautiously optimistic about coming away with some decent points.That optimism was dented right from the word go with a lap 1, turn 1 caution in Venter’s race. It didn’t get much better either. Venter’s race came to and end after hitting a spinning car on the restart which led him to retire from a blown engine because of the damage picked up in his collision.

Nis Round 2

Race Ending Crash

Clive Lawrence’s race ended about 5 minutes after due to a similar incident that saw Venter retire. At least at that point Johnson was still running and looking pretty handy as well. Unfortunately just as it looked like he was settling down he got face to face with two cars getting better acquainted with each other on the back stretch and had nowhere to go but to the inside where he got picked up by one of the crashing cars bouncing off the wall from the outside of the track. About an hour into the event and all three of our entrants were reduced to spectating but our spirits shall not be dented, unlike our cars. The third round is only a week away and it takes place around Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Hopefully we see a bit of a change in luck at Las Vegas, the standing at the moment doesn’t make for pretty reading. Atlanta is a day at the office the team will want to quickly forget and what better way to do it than a bit of Vegas therapy.

Team Standings after Round 2

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