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NiS Round 3 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Round 3 of the Nascar iRacing Series took place around Las Vegas Motor Speedway and our regular trio of Trevor Johnson, Clive Lawrence and Conrad Venter lined up to see if they could bury the nightmares of Atlanta. We also had the privilege of Antoine Higelin, our new Ruf Cup champion joining us to try his hand at turning left.   Luckily this week we had the driver describing their races in person.

Trevor Johnson

First finish of the series and P11 (was #12). I started P15,  bit of a chaotic start to the race with people seemingly wanting to win it in first 1/3 of the race.  We had a caution lap 22 and that was it, green flag running to the end from there a few lapses in concentration saw me collect the wall on exit of 4 and once into turn 1 but only 23 seconds of optional repairs which I never did due to green flag stops.


Clive Lawrence

Started 5th, had 7 cautions, led some 20 odd laps and finished under caution in 4th place. Not a bad days racing really. Should of had the win as my overall pace was probably the quickest of the field and I even had the fastest lap but towards the end I couldn’t work out why my car was pushing so much on the exit of the corners. I watched the beginning of my stream back and I think I may of been taking a tighter line on entry. Probably getting tired towards the end of the race was what caused this though. Either way I’m happy to of finished the race after last week’s tragic early doors.


Conrad Venter

After last weeks disaster the only aim was to see the chequered flag. I started the race in 8th place but was quickly falling back through the field early in the race, perhaps being a little over cautious. A couple of incidents due to crashes and making contact with the wall meant the car was never in great shape after the the second caution but I soldiered on nonetheless. Amazingly we ran under green flag conditions from lap 61 all the way to the end and ultimately I managed to drag my poor bashed up Camry home in 16th place. It might have been easy to be disappointing with the end result but making it to the finish was the aim and that is what was accomplished. In that respect it was a very satisfying race.

A pretty satisfying weekend indeed for all concerned, except for Antoine who unfortunately had a weekend like the rest of the team had last weekend. The next round is just a week away and this time we are visiting Phoenix International Raceway. Some of us have raced around here in other cars before but we have never tackled this track in the powerful Gen6 cars. It should be interesting to say the least.

Team Standings

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