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NiS Round 4 – Phoenix International Speedway

We were back in the Gen 6 car this past weekend for round 4 of the NiS around Phoenix International Speedway. The team had a busy weekend ahead of them and so it was only Conrad Venter who lined up while Clive Lawrence and Trevor Johnson were plying their trade elsewhere.

Conrad Venter

Qualifying didn’t went too well and I could only manage a 17th place start. I realised early on that my race pace was a bit better and found myself in the top 10 early on. The race was littered with cautions (13 in total) and I even led the race for about 10 laps in the first half. As we entered the final 20 laps I was running in a very satisfying fourth place and thought if I could just keep out of trouble it would be a brilliant result. Unfortunately trouble managed to find me and a very ambitious overtake attempt by another racer resulted in a half spin and a smash up the backside. I made my way back to the pits and surprisingly only had 30 seconds of repairs to be done. I got the car back on track but I was in 10th place and the car wasn’t handling all that well. Luckily for me the racers in 8th and 9th place were jostling for position in the last few laps and I capitalised when 9th place ran wide out of turn 2 on the last lap and I got in front. It was a pleasing result but one that could have been a little bit better. It was a really fun race despite spending almost a third of the race behind the safety car but it will be nice when get to Auto Club Speedway which more of  a high speed track.


Team Standings

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