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Round 2 of the Opening Knights series, ran via the first timeslot of the iRacing official series every week, saw the cars take to the tight, twisty, technical course of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. One of North America’s most recognizable tracks due in no small part to the treacherous corskcrew corner and curbs that can quickly send even the most stable car out of control…all of which lived up to their reputation this week.

The Cadillac field saw Matt Orr taking the pole position followed directly by a pair of Jacks, Beuker and Adams to be exact. Adams started in third but immediately took advantage of the inside line into andretti hairpin and made a clean pass on Beuker, while Orr got a clean start and began to work on pulling away from the field. Matt appeared to have things going his way until on lap 3 a small error in the aforementioned corkscrew saw him looping around and having to let the field go by before he could safely rejoin the action.


Matt Orr took a bit too much to much curb and paid the price

At the conclusion of lap 3, Adams had now inherited the lead but was being chased down by Josh Weinrich who had been making considerable moves in the early stages from starting 5th to his current position in 2nd. Josh would continue showing great pace and close the gap by lap 5 but an incident while trying to overtake for the lead would see him sliding, losing momentum, and having to give chase again. 4 laps later, he managed to catch back up and make the pass stick in the opening sector of lap 9.


Weinrich taking the lead from Jack Adams

Weinrich would go on to take the checkered flag, the top 5 class points for the week read as: Josh Weinrich – 148, Andrew Lauret – 126, Jack Adams – 105, Jack Breuker – 85, Andras Verbenyi – 63

The Kia field was headed off by a first-timer to the Opening Knights, Wojciech Swirydowicz, who would dominate the field with a victory by nearly 20 seconds when the checkers waved. The rest of the field saw action instantly when in turn 2, a CTSV driver lost control and consequently blocked the path. The incident saw Kevin Parrish, last week’s winner, going wide off-track in avoidance and spinning which in turn caused an accident further down the field. All cars were able to continue but Nicholas Bailey and Alejandro Tosi did receive significant damage that saw them struggling through most of the race.


Major Carnage early in the race for the Optima drivers


With Parrish getting pointed back the right direction in last place and Swirydowicz already pulling away, the battle began for second place between Arthur Hermont and Andrew Bakke. This battle would boiling on from lap 1 to lap 9 with several position swaps with the eventual position being determined by Hermont running hot through the final corner and Bakke capitalizing on the error with the power down the front stretch.


Andrew setting up to take advantage of his opponents mistake

Parrish was able to recompose himself after the lap 1 spin and fight his way back to 2nd place in the closing laps, far behind Wojciech, who really was the class of the Kia field this week. Top 5 points for Laguna Seca were as follows: Wojciech Swirydowicz – 190, Kevin Parrish – 162, Andrew Bakke – 135, Arthur Hermont – 108, Allan Scrimger – 98 (winner of the second split)


Wojciech Swirydowicz was untouchable in California


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