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The series officially hit its half-way point this week with a visit to the far east at Twin Ring Motegi. The track was a welcomed relief from the tight, twisty, narrow tracks the series has traveled to in recent weeks. Motegi offers several long straight with long braking zones and plenty of room to run side-by-side, which promised a good race on track.

The Cadillac field once again saw series leader Matt Orr on poll but the big news was the turn 1 action. Richard Mason would get a great start from the lights to get alongside David Weiss entering the first corner, while Michael Kasier would overshoot his braking on the outside line and take a quick trip to the gravel trap, advancing Mason from 4th on the grid to 2nd in class in the opening bend.


Mason (#4) moving up two spots on the inside in turn 1

Weiss would continue to charge back at Richard for the remainder of the lap until a hardware failure down the back straight would force him to pull aside from the action to try to diagnose the problem. Michael would reclaim the third position on the back of this turn of events after his off-track in the beginning. Kaiser would put his head down and being his charge toward the front, in which he was aided on lap 4 by Mason visiting the gravel off turn 1 nearly mimicking his rivals mistake earlier. From that point on it was pedal to the metal for Michael, who worked to reel in Orr from his significant lead.

Despite a valiant effort, it was sadly not to be as Matt brought home another victory, claiming the checkered flag by 1.7secs.


Kaiser ran him down but Orr still claimed another victory

The Kia field also saw a repeat at poll where Wojciech Swirydowicz would claim the spot for the second week in a row as well. Just as it was in the Caddy field the inside line proved to be an almost insurmountable advantage as Kevin Parrish quickly claimed 2nd position from the second row over Jonathan Daw. The pass would set up a quick but well fought battle between the two drivers, as Daw displayed more speed but Parrish would wisely defend his track position.


Daw and Parrish Battle

Johnathan would find his way around Kevin with a late braking maneuver on lap 2 in Turn 11 and the tossle would officially conclude on lap 3 when a CTSV would find his way into the side of Parrish’s car for the 4th week in a row. A little bit further down the track saw Arthur Hermont and Andrew Bakke battling for what was now third position. The two would trade paint on occasion but eventually Bakke would find his way around the outside, taking advantage of Hermont’s mistake in the previous corner to claim the final podium position.


Both cars received scars but Andrew came out victorious

Swirydowicz would go on to claim his second win in as many weeks followed by Daw and Bakke

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