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The third round of the McLaren Spec Series, was around the famous track Silverstone. Not a favorite for the danish driver, Jesper Pedersen. For some reason Pedersen never really raced Silverstone, so getting his third straight win in the series, did look like a big challenge. Before the session started Pedersen only turned a handful laps, and it’s fair to say he did struggle with the limited practices time.

Pedersen team mate, for the championship Marcello Maio was helpful and shared a great setup 30 minuttes before quallfying.

Pedersen continues:
Q: 4th – My little time of practices showed off, and I could not put a decent lap together. My opt did go from a 1:47.5 to a 46.9 in the Q-session. Put only managed 1:47.451 only good enough for 4th position.

R: Did not know how my race pace was, so just hoped to get a good start and get some moves done quickly, before the field would settle in. Got a better start than the the front row, but all on 2nd and 3rd row did that so we all bumped up in a field going 3 wide down towards T1. David Mata over shoot T1, I saw him coming and made a small adjustment to the line going wide. Was not enough we had a small contact and I was down to 6th. Into T2 I will let Mata past and braked early and then turned in, I thought behind, But David also braked early and I hit him pretty hard. Had dmg, my steering wheel was bend.
Did Make a pass on David, on first lap up to 4th. After the bad start I had a small gap up to the podium battle, did not know how much the dmg will slow me down, and also had to get confidence in the car again. After some laps, I started to catch up. Tim made a move on Anders, that ment I got contact withthe small group and I was close behind. The dmg had not slowed me so much down, so on the next lap I was able to overtake for 5th place, with a great move into Priory, after bridge. I catched up to Anders Dahl the next lap, and I could do the same move again. Did really work well, and I took them both with surprise.

Up to 3rd place having Marcello and Tim infront of me. I managed to catch Tim before the first pit stop, but did not get past. One of my best battles in iRacing did come up the following laps, with some 3 wide action. I will not spoil anymore, better to watch the highlight video bellow.

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