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Pierre is back on track at Motegi.

After a big summer break for Pierre Urbizu with two drops at Indianapolis and Spa. The frenchman came back with his best result on WCS at motegi with a 15th place.

It all started 2 days before the race. Pierre was late on training but the 2 practice sessions went very well and the car was handling well. His goal was to set the car to be very stable and he did just that. His lap times were not very impressive but he was pretty consistent in mid  47’s with a best lap of 1.47.1

The qualy went much better than usual. First lap he did a decent time : 1.47.8. The next lap was much better in 1.47.3 that placed him in 23th position.

At the start, Pierre took it easy to avoid contact with others. At the front, 5 or 6 cars made contact.

motegi 0

After the first lap the ARUK driver was on 14th place but a little mistake at the exit of the first turn of lap 2 allowed Pablo Lopez to pass. This early mistake was a good warning, and Pierre decided to be more cautious on exit of slow turns as the car was a little bit oversteery.

Pablo was pulling away but Christian Lorente was close behind :

motegi 1

On lap 27 Christian made an overtaking attempt. Pierre wasn’t aware enough and he closed the door by taking his normal line. Both drivers made a slight contact, thankfully, Pierre’s car was intact.

motegi 2

Then came the pitting. Cristian was still close behind but he pitted one lap earlier than the frenchman. The last stint was full of nerves. Dion Vergers with his two stop strategy was closing dangerously and was on striking distance on the last lap. Hugo Luis and Luke Mac Lean were just behind Pierre and Dion. The blue flag was waving but the order stayed the same until the line.

motegi 3

Even if the top 25 is not possible for Pierre, he will be much more dedicated for the remaining races.


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