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Road To Pro Recap – Montréal – Round 2

The iRacing Road Pro Series is back again this year for a 9 round season for an action packed season of new faces, old veterans and everything in between to battle it out in iRacing’s virtual McLaren Honda MP4-30. After Bono Huis’ win last week at Interlagos, Brazil, the focus turned to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for Round 2 for 70 laps of high speed racing. Mack Bakkum of Coanda Simsport made a return to claim his first win of this season in the end, with dominating pace he is surely one to watch for the rest of the season. 4 Apex Racing UK drivers are looking to take their World Championship licenses this season, with a handful Academy drivers also looking to make their mark! Hear their opinions on how the race went!

Marcus Jensen – P3:

Qualifying: On my first lap I was trying to just get a good banker time in. My first lap was surprisingly fast and without any real errors, but I knew I at least could improve 2 tenths. On my second lap I somehow managed to get an off track in t1, which ruined that attempt. Still my first lap was good enough for p2.Race: I got a fantastic start and jumped Freek off the line to take the lead. In the hairpin I got some wheelspin, which let Freek back into the lead on the same lap. I then tried settling in behind him using the DRS to my advantage. He seemed to be quite a bit faster early on, so I droppped just outside the 1 second range. Around lap 15 Mack had closed up to both me and Freek. He made a move a few laps later, with me not really defending the position. Mack then passed Freek for the lead which ended up with Freek getting a slow down and letting me past. For the remainder of the first stint I was in p2, while Mack was pulling away.

I pitted on lap 33 and managed to stay in p2, but a train was starting to form behind me. For the next 20 laps I was defending from Freek, but eventually I got a bit loose at t7 and he slipped by. For the remainder of the race I tried to keep up with Freek and not let the guys behind me catch up.

I’m very happy to finish 3 after a pretty poor race last week

Great job by Sebastian as well

Marcus Jensen (DNK) took his first podium this season with style.

Marcus Jensen (DNK) took his first podium this season with style.

Sebastian Job – P6:

Going into this race my pace was really, really good. Practice went well, but an hour before qualifying I started having some wheel problems. The buttons on my wheel weren’t working and I only got it all fixed 10 minutes before qualifying, only to have it screw up again in the qually session. This meant I had to use some different ERS settings during the lap. Luckily I managed a reasonable lap, and got 7th on the grid.

Then in the race session I had even more wheel problems. Sometimes it would be fixed if I rejoin the session, and on my third attempt it worked, just in time for the start. In T2 on lap 1 someone made contact with me and I am pretty sure I had damage. The car felt completely horrible for the entire 1st stint, so I pitted very early to get an undercut. It worked perfectly and I came out alongside Cem to gain a few places, and then had to defend the whole race. We swapped places a few times, but on the 2nd last lap I made a mistake that meant I dropped from 4th to 6th.

Still a very exciting race despite the result, grats to Mack, Freek and Marcus.


Oscar Mangan – P18:

I had very little time to practice with school study taking up a lot of my time this week. However I was happy with my pace in just a few hours practice, and was confident that a Top 10 was very possible as race pace was looking decent.

Qualifying: My first lap was ok, nothing special. I knew I had at least 3 or 4 tenths if not more, but in my second lap I was too conservative and didn’t improve. 16th, not ideal as I was very unsure about starting mid pack.

Race: I got a decent start, found a space in T1 and decided to play it safe in T2, but it turned against me and I ran straight into a pileup between 3 or 4 drivers. Front wing damage, rear wing damage, floor damage, slight suspension damage, yeesh. I kept going, but the car had a second / lap damage and I had to use twice the ERS just to keep up. A very boring race and being at the brunt of 3 incidents, through no fault of my own, was a bitter pill to swallow. 2 bad weeks so Silverstone will have to go well or else I’m in trouble. Great race for Marcus and Sebastian, fantastic pace and racing.

Jamie Fluke – P25:

I got a pretty decent Q, very surprisingly over 1 lap I had the pace to stick it on the front row but a couple of small mistakes on the first lap turned a very good lap into a fairly decent one. I ended up 6th as I did in Interlagos so no complaints there.

Unfortunately in the race I was a bit throttle-happy out of T7 and once I realised that saving the car was a bit beyond me I slammed on the brakes and hoped that the car would stay to the inside. Fortunately it did but by the time I got turned around and away again I was 18 seconds off the rest of the field.

It didn’t take a great deal of time to catch the tail end of the field despite my tyres being a bit cooked. Unfortunately I wasn’t as efficient as I’d like in getting through the field as I could have been. I made contact with 3 different drivers, one being a netcode 4x, so it wasn’t a great opening stint. My undercut didn’t work out either as I needed to take a front wing and I came out in a mix of the battle I was in and the leading group. My race ended when I was hit into the wall whilst checking up at the final chicane. An unfortunate end but it summed up my race. Fortunately I can move on to Silverstone and hope that we can move on.

Great job from Marcus and Sebastian today, great results


It was a fantastic showing for Apex Racing Academy drivers in the top split also. Pashalis Gergis qualifying in third position, drove a brilliant race to bring it home in P7 after unlucky netcode problems during the race. Massimiliano Ficarra from 18th on the grid, finished in 11th with a great showing of consistent driving.

Greece's Pashalis Gergis stole the spotlight today.

Greece’s Pashalis Gergis stole the spotlight today.

The Pro Series will make it’s journey to Silverstone, UK for Round 3 on September 19th, 13:30GMT. You can also view the championship standings and results here. Until then, catch the race on iRacing Live / Apex Racing TV with commentary from Andrew Woodhouse, Adam Bath and Alex Simpson. Catch the BSR Pro Series live on ApexRacingTV this Thursday at 8pm GMT too and more! See you then!

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