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Road To Pro Recap – Spa – Round 7

Following a 3 week break after round six at Monza, the iRacing Road Pro Series returned to the momentous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. A favourite for a lot of drivers, the seven kilometre track nestled into the Belgian countryside was sure to provide close high speed racing as competitors would tackle 44 laps until the end. With only 3 rounds remaining, and no drop weeks permitted now, the championship standings would be interesting to see how the points stacked up heading to Imola and the Nurburgring which host the final two races.

Hear how our drivers thought the race went:

Jamie Fluke:

“Qualifying: I got an ok banker in on my first run and at the time of going out for the second lap it was good enough for provisional pole. A couple of mistakes on the lap but nothing too major but I blew the second lap at Les Combes. P3

Race: I finally got a good start and squeezed by Bakkum and into the lead. Mack was on a lower downforce trim and immediately breezed by me into Les Combes, so I quickly knew that it would be tough to win. The plan then was to try and hang on and hope his tyre wear was poor but he pulled clear and I had to battle Wensing for parts of the first stint. The second stint ended up mirroring the first after the undercut myself and Wensing did almost equalised the race again. Mack came out from his stop just ahead of me and then pulled clear, whilst Wensing closed back in and we fought a bit before I stretched clear of him and closed in a bit on Mack but I ran out of laps for the win and had to settle for second.

I have to thank the entire team again for the hard work put into this and to Michael specifically on the pit wall making sure I got out into clean air after my pit stop. Bad luck for both Marcus and Sebastian today but I’m sure we can all bounce back next week at Imola!”

Jamie leads Mack Bakkum into Eau Rouge

Jamie leads Mack Bakkum into Eau Rouge

Sebastian Job:

“My first lap of qualifying was a very good banker for the majority of the lap, however going into the final chicane I clipped the inside curb and lost maybe half a second or more, ruining the lap. Luckily on my next lap I was on a fairly similar pace, if not slightly faster, however I once again clipped the final chicane. This time it was not as bad though and I lost maybe a tenth or so. Overally I was quite pleased with the lap.

I got an awful start off the line and had to go on the outside of T1, however I then used a huge amount of run off thinking there would be people pushing out wide, hoping I would avoid them. However I overdid it and lost a huge amount of time, and around 7 or 8 places I think. From then I was trying to regain my places however on the straight after Eau Rouge I made a movement too sharply with the wheel, and due to DRS being open I spun out and went into the wall.

Thanks to James for spotting as always, and congrats to Jamie for 2nd (and thanks for the setups :p ). Unlucky Marcus also.”

Marcus Jensen:

“Qualifying: Got a good banker lap in, and went out to improve it by 1.5 tenths on my second lap. Which put me p5.

Race: I had some hardware problems the night before, and a bit in the morning which meant I didn’t get to test what I wanted for the race set. So I ended up needing to use a set which I wasn’t too comfortable with.

Got a pretty good start on got alongside Daniel and Freek, and almost got taken out by Daniel who tried to avoid Freek. I got passed Freek and was going side by side with Daniel into Eau Reauge, he had the inside line so I backed out. I Stayed in 4 for the next 7 laps, following the guys in front. Then I spun going into the busstop chicane, with me facing in the opposite direction. I was waiting for the cars to go by, but I didn’t realise I was rolling slightly forwards. Then Lukas came and hit me, as he had understeer. Which ended my race and my championship hopes”

A mixed bag after Spa. Although Marcus and Sebastian will bounce back in Imola this Saturday! Catch the race on January 14th, 13:30GMT. With only 3 more left, and no more drop rounds counting, these last races will be crucial for who will make the Top 10 and claim their WCS license. Until then, catch the race on iRacing Live / Apex Racing TV with commentary from Andrew Woodhouse, Adam Bath and Alex Simpson.

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