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The Rose Series – R3 Road America

Road America is one of the most underrated race circuits in the world, to say is has everything is an understatement. Fast, slow, blind, long and cambered corners, 3 massive straights, with multiple overtaking spots and a mixture of both smooth and rough racing surfaces. This has to be one of my most favourite tracks on the sim.

Forsure the DW12 with its most recent update was going to be a challenge around here. I went for a aggressive setup that was built for raw speed but meant I would play chicken with the curbs and bumps all race.

Road America 1


I made the mistake of not leaving a big enough gap for my first lap but in the end this didn’t matter. I was behind Jamie when I saw him make his mistake in turn and knew a clean lap would be enough. Still I felt the need to go out and improve and only just made it back to the pits after short fuelling.

The fast 9 went straight forward, even though I was some half a second off my PB. Delighted to secure my 2nd pole position in the series.

Road America 2


I didn’t want to take a full tank of gas at the start as the car got a little pushy in the last few laps of each stint, so opt for a 14/15/14 strategy.

I got a clean start and with 2nd to 4th battling into turn 1 I was able to break the draft by the end of the 2nd straight. From here the 1st stint was all about keeping the car in check and not making a mistake. The gab was slowly building to Brandon who had got back into 2nd and after the pit stop I had 20 seconds spare.

Road America 3

The 2nd stint was 15 laps and the balance while close was just a little off and the middle of the stint the car broke away from me in the final corner and while I was able to save it I had almost come to a stop. This set me back about 5 second and made me a little cautious until I stopped again.

Road America 5

The fresh tyres and lower fuel load meant I was able to push again and got back into my rhythm. I built up a 45 second lead to Jamie who did a great job in getting back up to 2nd place.

Congrats to the other podium finishes.

See you all at Sebring.

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