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Firstly, congratulations on obtaining your WCS Licences. How did you find the past season?

Jesper: Before the season started I was really nervous how competitive the field would be, and if I even could keep up with the guys. After the first race at Spa I knew I could make the top 25, because I had the pace I just need to score the points. I did not do that at Spa, but after that I had some great results after that. My only two really bad races over the season was both at Spa. So all in all a great season, with a steep learning curve.

Pierre: It has been a long and difficult season. I started well and after 3 races I was 15th and pretty confident, but the next 3 races were awful with many mistakes and a little bit of bad luck. I dropped back to 25th with only 3 races to go. I managed to do 3 decent races to claim the qualification. But it hasn’t been the most enjoyable championship even with a WCS spot.

How much of a help has it been racing for Apex Racing UK? What help do you receive from your team-mates?

Jesper: It’s really important for someone like me to have a Team as good as Apex Racing UK, because I’m not a big setup guru. So they really have helped me out a lot this season, but also in Season 3 where I got my PRO license. But not only in the aspects of setting up the car, but also having very competitive team mates, where you can compare times, this really helps pushing yourself and the team forward.

Pierre: Being in a team like ARUK with very good drivers is really a big help. Sharing feelings and setup has made me faster and more consistent. But it also helped me to get motivation back when I was struggling. So I’d like to thank my team-mates for the support.

What preparation goes into a race weekend for you both?

Jesper: I think I’m a very laid back type of person, so I just take it how it comes. This can also sometimes show on the amount of practices time I do for the races. But normally I start Monday testing and then when I have the time throughout the week. I always do some testing before the race and also between qualify and the race.

Pierre: I usually start training with racing fuel at the beginning of the week. It helps me being more consistent and learning the track. Most of the time, I do two race trainings (2 or 3 hours in total). Then I prepare for qualification at the end of the week and on race day. I think the preparation for the race takes me 6 to 8 hours. But I noticed that the more I train the worst is my result… Too much training isn’t the best way to be successful and it can bring a lot of frustration.

Pierre, what does your wife think of your Sim Racing career

Pierre: I’m not sure she understands everything but she accept it!

What are your expectations to the season?

Jesper: Making the split for the 2014 WCS-Season is the ultimate goal, but that will take a lot of work to make it a realistic goal. But I’m sure in a few years time we will see more Apex Racing UK drivers among the top places in WCS-Series.

Pierre: I know I’ll never be named world champion but I’d like to finish in the top 20. To achieve that i need to be much more consistent. I made too many mistakes in the pro series due to pressure. It’s time to have some fun now!

Who would you both pick as your biggest rival in the series?

Jesper: It’s a little bit like real F1, your team mate is always your biggest rival in a good way. Because we will push together forward to better results. But otherwise my biggest rival is the Top 16 cut line.

Pierre: In this series everyone is a rival. But I’d like to be in front of the guys who finished just ahead of me in the pro series. It’s a first step before beginning to threaten more experienced drivers.

Best of luck for the upcoming season guys!

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