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Andrew Woodhouse Bio:

My Sim Racing career began in 2010 on the PS3 with the Apex Racing League and F1 2010.

In season 1 I managed to get 3rd in the championship behind Miguel Meireles and my team-mate Alex Simpson, scoring 6 podium finishes and 1 pole position.

After 7th the following season, and taking my first win in season 3, I joined Alex on iRacing in December 2011.

Still using a controller at this point, I represented England in the oval final of the World Cup of iRacing, finishing 17th at Michigan less than two months after joining the service.

After an unsuccessful season in the ARLTV Indycar Series I raced only sporadically throughout the early part of 2013.

After getting my iRating over 2000 on both road and oval, switching to a steering wheel brought a difficult challenge.

In 2014 I made my return to a full season in the GT3 Challenge, scoring a couple of podiums at Watkins Glen after picking up 3 victories at the final round of the previous season at Spa.

Technical difficulties have hampered my progress but the goal is to make steady progression towards the top GT3 splits in 2014, while also looking at a return to Indycar racing later in the year.

In addition I have also commentated for ARLTV for nearly 4 years now, mostly alongside Alex Simpson. We started on F1 2010 and regularly garnered over 20,000 viewers per week for our highlights shows.

My most enjoyable commentary moment on iRacing was doing the 2.4 hours for Cancer Research UK which was a great honour to be a part of.

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