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Sebastian Job – Pro/WC Driver

Sebastian Job Bio:

Hi, I’m Sebastian. I live in the south of England in a town called East Grinstead. I’ve been a huge racing fanatic ever since I was able to watch it and understand what was going on, as a result of my Dad being a big F1 fan.

I wasn’t ever serious about racing until I went to an indoor karting track with one of my friends. Someone that worked there suggested that I should join an academy that they run there. I went for it and really enjoyed it. After a season the result of this academy was a lap time drop of around 3-4 seconds.

I discovered iRacing just before my 13th birthday, and waited for a month before being eligible to sign up. At first I was hopeless, but still enjoyed it a huge amount. I was doing a bunch of races every day. Eventually after a long time I began to improve with my driving, and eventually decided that I wanted to try and get a World Championship license. I was asked to join Apex Racing UK around March/April of 2014. I’ve now been with them for almost 2 years, and have seen a huge improvement in my driving, as well as setup knowledge.

In a few years I am hoping to compete in GT Academy, a competition that could potentially allow me to have a career as a professional racing driver. In the meantime, I am hoping to get my first win in the iRacing World Championship this season, and get a strong result with the team in the Blancpain GT Series. Doing these high level competitions will also train my driving for GT Academy, and any other opportunities that may arise.

I also used to play Rugby for a few years, but eventually stopped to pursue my passion for motor racing. Whenever the Rugby is on TV I will still watch it, as I think it’s a brilliant spectator sport. I also enjoy to do lots of gaming on the PC, mainly playing CS:GO. Along with this, I also watch a large amount of eSports, and would love to see simracing become a part of that in the future.


Real life results:

2012 Racing Perfection Kart Academy, Cadet Championship, Brighton – 1st
2013 Racing Perfection Kart Academy, Junior Championship, Brighton – 2nd
2014 Racing Perfection Kart Academy, Junior Championship, Brighton – 1st

iRacing results:

2014 120 minutes of Sebring, Ford GT – 1st

2014 S2 – IGPS, FW31 – 14th
2014 S2 – Pro License Gained

2014 S3 – Skip Barber Race Series – 1st
2014 S3 – Skip Barber 2K Cup – 1st
2014 S3 – Skip Barber UK&I League – 1st

2014 S4 – Road Pro Series – 8th

2015 S1 – Skip Barber UK&I League – 1st

2015 S2 – Skip Barber UK&I League – 1st

2015 WCS – Round 10 (Motegi) – 4th
2015 WCS – 12th

2015 BSRTC – 1st

2016 WCS – Round 1 (Interlagos) – 2nd


 Sebastian Job Stats:

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