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Venturing Into The World Of rFactor 2

Apex Racing UK has been a well known name in the iRacing circles for as long as I’ve been a member of the team going back all the way to 2012. In the very early days we had a few drivers competing in a little league that used Race 07 as it’s platform but since then the focus has very much been on iRacing. It wasn’t until earlier in the year when we had a new build being implemented and instead of sitting in front of the pc hitting the refresh button every 5 seconds waiting for iRacing to get back online I decided to buy rFactor 2 to play around a little. Admittedly my first whirl with rFactor didn’t last longer than an hour or two. Racing against AI these days just doesn’t cut it anymore. It was only on the off chance that I came across a community in the form of the guys at REVS Simracing UK that offered well structured leagues on various sims. At the time they had a Clio Cup that was taking entries and after convincing fellow team mate John Broadmeadow we entered the competition to have a little fun and to see what league racing on rFactor is like. Entering the WCTC has been a refreshing change. Not only is it something else to add a bit of variety to your sim racing exploits but the competition has been great. Getting into a small front wheel drive car with 30 other people on track can be manic but it is a blast. It was with this in mind that e had no hesitation to enter ourselves into a second series, the Fanatec World Sportscar Car Championship, 90 minute endurance races in some very well modeled GT3 cars.



With Christmas just around the corner we have a break before continuing with both championships in the new year. With 9 rounds out of 12 done in the championship some solid performances sees John sitting 7th in the drivers standings with myself places in 8th. In terms of the team championship the team is placed 5th only a handful of points behind 4th place so there is a definite aim when the series resumes after the Christmas break.  I think for both of us the main focus for the rest of our rFactor 2 season lies firmly in the FWSCC. After John missing the first round and me having a nightmare of a race we have performed strongly each race. John has worked himself into 3rd place in the championship only 10 points behind the leader and I’m a further 3 points behind in 5th place. This puts us into a strong position for the team championship with five rounds to go and if we somehow manage to bag a win in either drivers or team championship our first venture into league racing on another sim would be deemed a massive success.



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