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WCS 2013 : ROUND 1 SPA

I barely qualified with a decent time: 1.48.3 within 3 tenth of my PB. 32th … I almost  fall by the wayside since there were only 35 seats.
Starting so far, the strategy was clear: quiet and careful ride. I knew Spa starts are always messy.

Start : I totally missed my start :


The three drivers behind me on the grid pass me right after green flag :Paul Ilbrink ,Simon Cattell2 and Marcus Caton. Then i saw smoke and cars all over the place :


I slowed down and went to the grass to avoid contact. I ended up with Marcus Caton in front and it took me 14 laps to overtake him. He was heavyer than me but my 7th gear was too short. After 4 or 5 attempts, I finally pass him  at “les combes”. It was a great battle !


I front of me Blake Townend  and Martti Pietilä were battling so i caught them. After my pitstop on the 22th lap i was 3 second behind blake but i couldn’t close the gap. I finished 17th with Ilkka Haapala close behind. Two more laps and he would have pass me.

This result was rather unexpected, so I’m really pleased. I’m looking forward to the next race at Interlagos !

Congratulation to the three amazing drivers on the podium and thanks to all my teamates at Apex Racinf UK and to our sponsors.


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