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iWCGPS – Round 3 – Sebring

The iWCGPS party blasted it’s way through Sebring this past weekend. Here’s an account of how it went for some of our drivers.

Peter Berryman


Going into Q I was hoping for a better result than the last 2 races as I felt I had the pace to finish higher than the previous weeks.
I finished my first lap with a 1:35.0 and asked my spotter if he knew the pole time in the 1st split of Q as I was split 2.
Marcus told me 1:34.2 so I was a little disappointed that I would be starting far back even with a .2 improvement on the next lap for a 1:34.8 being .6 off pole.
I checked the results and was happily surprised to see the field spread out and my lap was good enough for P12.


Starting from P12 I just wanted to turn the qualifying into a good result by keeping my nose clean.
The first lap was pretty chaotic going side by side with a few cars but the field strung out and I could get into a rhythm.
I finished the first lap in 11th and due to crashes I got to fifth with the only overtake I made being on Mogar Filho who was struggling with tyres making my race pretty peaceful.
So happy with the result as it’s my best in Simracing so far. Which also brings me up to 5th in the championship.

Massive Thanks to Marcus, the team and our sponsors

Alex Simpson 

1st lap was going well until a spin pushing to0 hard meant I went for 2 flying laps on the 2nd run. Big lockup in the 1st of the 2nd run really hurt the lap time. On my final lap I was a good .4 up on my previous lap with more time to find in the final sector only to run out of ERS and see my lap time fall away. Somehow I got on the grid but once again it would be a tough race.

The start was good and I picked up 3 or 4 places before turn 1, which I was 3 wide. I exited right on the outside and there was some contact ahead, I managed to go around the outside of some and the inside of others and picked a few more spots in the first lap.

I had some good battles and made a whole bunch of overtakes to move myself up to 11th by my 1 and only pit stop. I was surprised to see others go for a 2 stop, we had no issues with tyres on the long run.

Once all the pits stops had finished I found myself in 9th. I was close to 7th and 8th and slowly working my way back towards them but I also had Jeremy closing in on me. I was comfortable I could keep him behind until a cone got thrown onto the racing line exiting the penultimate corner and with the way they get stuck in the front wing I had to take avoiding action which opened the door to the Radical driver.

10th became 9th with Joni retiring and at that point I just decided to ease it up and bring it home. Delighted with gaining 21 stops and my first top 10 of the season. Once again we have a very good race car and just need to sort out Q.

Congrats to the podium, Peter for 5th and Maarten for 14 with a drive through.

Unlucky to Cam, Seb and Graham.

Maarten van Loozenoord

My quali felt bad. I messed up my first attempt so I went for a 2 lap run after. I was happy to make the grid as I haven’t had that much practice.

After a great start I gained about 10 places in lap 1. Unfortunately I had to serve my drivethrough penalty which cost me about 26 seconds. After a 1 stop and a consistent drive, I managed to finish 14th. I am really glad with that result, eventhough it could have been top 10.

Thanks to Patrick and Ferenc for spotting and to the sponsors

Graham Carroll

Felt good going into this then putting down a really bad banker killed my confidence only went 1 tenth quicker on my 2nd lap putting me 18th right in the middle of the pack for the start.


Made a good start making up a few spots and trying to settle in quickly so i could keep the tires and pick a few more off until a car spun coming out turn 4/5 section and I couldn’t avoid him basically ending my race dropping back to 30th, Pitted but the car still wasn’t right but I continued just to get a finish knowing there would be a few people that wouldn’t make the end and at this point I need every point I cant get ending up p22!
Congrats to the rest of the team and the podium.

See use at Road America

Sebastian Job

Going into this race I had some really nice pace. Unfortunately I made a mistake on my first lap, and was pressured to not screw up on the next. I started the lap well, but had a lockup and lost a bunch of time from that and the following corners. Very disappointing lap for me.

Had a poor start here, and lost a place or two before T1. I decided to go to the outside, which proved wrong, as I got hit going into T2 and got front wing damage from being pushed into another car. From then on it was all about fighting through the field, but I had a front wing change in both stops, and lost a lot of time from the damaged front wing in the first stint. Not a great race, but as a team we showed we had pace.

Congrats to Pete, Alex and Maarten for the great drives. Thanks once again to James Nash for being so helpful.

Some varied results and bad luck but another great showing by Peter and Alex finally catching a break with a great drive from the back of the field. Well done to all and see you at Road America. Also a great big thanks to all our supporters and our sponsors!

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